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Movement control order: Malaysian attitudes suck

Image by CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM - This media comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Image Library (PHIL), with identification number #23312 - Wikimedia Commons

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Don’t Malaysians realise the cost of patrolling the streets to enforce the order could be better used for urgent medical supplies, says JD Lovrenciear.

The poor attitude of Malaysians in the wake of the movement control order to monitor the streets.

When we have to deploy 8,600 cops to keep advising stubborn Malaysians to stay home, it speaks volumes about a society that has absorbed negative values.

Despite the prime minister appealing five times to Malaysians to “just stay home, please” in his second national address, people still choose to blatantly flout the movement control order.

Do we realise this is a national (and global) crisis that is placing acute stress on the healthcare system and its personnel and the economy. Above all, our lives are at stake.

Must Malaysians face sterner action like a military presence and arrest-on-sight orders before they cooperate in these times of grave danger?

Do we not realise that the cost of patrolling the streets to enforce the order could be better used by the government to pay for urgent medical supplies?

Something is seriously wrong with us Malaysians. Is it ignorance?

But that is hard to believe. With almost every Malaysian in possession of a mobile phone and many heavily using social media, surely everyone knows that a movement control order demands that we take personal and collective responsibility.

As the police comb the streets for flouters, some small and medium-sized operators in shop lots across the country could be still operating with shutters pulled down to cover their act.

In some cases, greed and the fear of losing business opportunities have taken precedence over social and individual responsibility to safeguard society and nation.

Do we realise that as the number of coronavirus victims keeps rising (900 cases now), our healthcare providers and the over 8,000 police personnel are being exposed to great risk?

Malaysians need to be taught in no uncertain terms that social responsibility cannot be taken for granted or dismissed lightly.

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31 Mar 2020 10.43am

Lockdown / MCO and certain Malaysians attitude. It all boils back to the Education system planted into Malaysian Brains plus widespread corruption. Malaysian have the Malaysia Boleh slogan instilled stupidly into the Brain.

Discipline & Good Moral attitude starts with Education.
Unfortunately Malaysian Education system is a fail one due to Racial Fanaticism and under qualified regulators. Just walk into any school & speak to a teacher in English. (Chances are) She will reply & look more stupid then a student. They same goes to 90% of Government office staffs.

Chai May Lee
Chai May Lee
23 Mar 2020 3.13pm

In my opinion, the Health Ministry or our government use social media via the TV, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc to show real life patients suffering from the disease, only will this drive home the danger of this virus. Let them know that it attacks the lungs first.

I shudder to know that smokers continue to smoke, even more, with the lockdown ongoing. I can’t imagine how clogged and burnt their lungs are damaged with the constant smoking.

22 Mar 2020 1.35pm

Clinics which PC, wiring or plumbing, etc. breaks down will be paralysed as computer & hardware shops are shuttered by present MCO. Already there is a shortage of bread loaves and presumably the bread factories’ interrupted supply chain is not helping things (think chemical shops that supply bread improver & preservative, etc).

Many people also rely on a combination of medicine & exercise to keep either hypertension or diabetes in control (while some highly compliant patients can control their illness with exercise alone). Soon, the enforced inactivity will usher in a storm of uncontrolled hypertensive / hyperglycemic cases into emergency departments nationwide.

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