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Muhyiddin, what happened to your pre-election pledges?

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JD Lovrenciear asks the PM what he has to say to the people who gave him a lifeline back to politics under the Pakatan Harapa banner.

Honourable Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, during the campaign period of the 2018 general election, you thundered out the very concerns that touched the hearts and minds of deeply concerned people.

Some things you said about the need to save the nation gave voters tremendous hope.

You were not afraid to state publicly that Malaysia was a kleptocratic nation.

You spelt out with thundering conviction that a large sum of money had flowed into the account of a top politician.

You questioned the lack of investigations and action by the various agencies and officials.

You urged voters to use their power to vote out the Barisan Nasional coalition.

As you rightly pointed out, this is a nation of the people, and many now wish to exercise their rights as guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.

People have been chattering everywhere these past few months since you took over the seat of the prime minister through a backdoor takeover. Questions, doubts and suspicions have been raised over social media.

Why are you now in cahoots with the very political party that you convinced us we should dethrone?

Why did you throw out the PH coalition that you appealed to us to vote in to form a new government?

And now with news of the charges of corruption being dropped on another politician, people are asking what have you, as the PM, got to say to the people who gave you a lifeline back to politics under the PH banner.

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Recent political developments have left the people with grave concern over the future of our beloved nation. Many are asking what happened to all that you said before the 2018 general election.

Unless you come out in the open to address all these deep-seated concerns with courage and conviction, justice and honesty, our nation will continue to be gripped in great pain.

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