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Namewee – viral hit artiste worldwide, controversial at home


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It is a sad but true that many talented Malaysians like Namewee are not recognised in our country, Loyal Malaysian writes.

I have just watched a Facebook video of Namewee defending his use of the controversial poster that promotes his film Babi.

Let me state from the outset I do not know Wee Meng Chee, better known as Namewee, other than what I have read about him.

Namewee is no stranger to controversy. Does it matter that the film Babi will not be shown to audiences in Malaysia – so whether that poster promoting his film is obnoxious is a moot point?

As Namewee said, the aim of the protesters is political. They appear to be hoping to gain some publicity – similar to Umno’s Jamal Yunos’ bathrobe protest? Without their police reports and protest, the film would have been a non-event for most Malaysians. Many of us would not even have been aware of its existence.

Namewee has not applied for permission to screen the film to a Malaysian audience. So, the question of the film being banned in Malaysia does not arise at all. 

I can understand Namewee’s decision not to apply, and I do not think it is defeatist. Why? If you think the panel evaluating your film will not be assessing it on its merits, why bother to submit an application?

I am not a film critic but the fact that Babi received nominations at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, the Toronto Open World Film Festival, the Thailand International Film Festival and the Berlin Around the World Film Festival shows the film is of an acceptable quality.

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According to Namewee, his composition “Ali, Ah Kao dan Muthu” is a patriotic song sung in some schools on National Day. I did not know this. But I do not think it will be sung anymore next year, now that Namewee has gone public with this. I hope to be proven wrong, but looking at the narrow-mindedness of our top leaders, I think it will come to pass.

More than 130 of Namewee’s tracks have received over one million views. Many may not be aware that his ‘Japanglish’ music video, Tokyo Bon 2020, which captures the Tokyo Olympics spirit, has gone viral worldwide with over 92 million views.

This has turned Namewee into a cultural ambassador of sorts for Japan. Is this not international acknowledgement of his talent?

Namewee lamented he has not been able to launch an album in Malaysia for the last 10 years because the powers that be deem him too controversial.

It is sad but true that many talented Malaysians like Namewee are not recognised in our country.

Some have furthered their studies overseas, not out of choice but because their area of study is closed to them at home due to the quota system. Many have found their calling in their adopted countries.

Others are able to use their creativity freely while abroad, like Namewee in Taiwan – without the hindrance of a police report against him every month or so.

Loyal Malaysian is the pseudonym of a regular follower of Aliran

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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5 Jan 2021 4.57pm

if want to arrest namewee, please settle after covid 19. Taiwan is safer than Malaysia.. does namewee will get proper treatment for covid 19 in Malaysia?? does any person are willing to responsible on it…

Namewee helps many Malaysian artist’s reputation. Please do more research on him before do any judgement and treat Malaysian as Malaysian not by races. if babi is not allow in poster then please don’t call human as babi.

calling people as babi is common and real in Malaysia why only treat him like this???? hope to hear clear and full explanation on this “babi” police report because i don’t want to be a fool and willing to learn from mistake.

5 Jan 2021 2.01am

Thank you for supporting real unsung heroes in Malaysia.

Audrey See
Audrey See
4 Jan 2021 4.26pm

It is all in the MIND.
I have watched his videos n do not find anything wrong.
Only narrow-minded find fault.

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