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Oh Malaysia, how did we come to this?

How should MPs behave in Parliament?

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Dominic Damian reflects on recent events and how things started sliding in the country. 

Some believe a kind of fascism has taken root in this nation. 

We are splintered not because we want to be. We are fragmented not by choice but by consistent guile and remorseless deceit.

Instigators and conspirators have propagated discontent and disharmony. They are schemers against humanity. The culprits in this diabolical plot may even be parliamentarians.

Recent events are no accident. They were well thought out and planned. The cohorts who carried out such plans were mere puppets of the puppet masters.

We must not be under any illusion. We must eliminate such evil. To match cunning with cunning, we must use the full range of psychology.

The political elite who are riding roughshod over citizens and thumbing their noses at us must be taken to task.

Pakatan Harapan suffered a severe beating, but really, it was not surprising. It had a stable mandate, yet dithered on so many important issues:

  • a caustic and toxic preacher from Mumbai
  • a foolish manifesto promise to abolish tolls
  • failure to handle the Seafield Temple fiasco
  • the ‘LTTE’ arrests controversy
  • the Malay Dignity Congress
  • educational issues
  • bailouts of non-profitable institutions with taxpayers’ money
  • the slow prosecution of those charged with misappropriation of funds (some of them may have been involved in the plots)
  • betrayal of the PH manifesto
  • the old die-hard habit of talking down to the people
  • failure to handle environmental concerns sensitively
  • the dithering over the date of handover to the next PM
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Obviously, dangerous opponents within PH and the opposition would have kept a predatory watch, poised to pounce on any sign of weakness.

PH was shooting itself in the foot. Five by-elections losses already provided a stranglehold around the jugular vein. Yet PH was in a self-induced coma, not waking up to the precarious nature of the turbulence.

From within PH, each who strayed became no better than the losers and looters whom they once condemned and fought against. Their moral compass was no better than that of a Judas planting a kiss on the nation.

What was amazing was that buffoons could derail so-called much-touted brilliant strategists and tacticians, who in the end were out-thought, outmanoeuvred and out-fought.

These tacticians were neither naïve nor gullible. They were battle-hardened veterans of guile and deception. There is none who is innocent among them. The quintessential plotter in politics shares and understands the same creed. It was thus baffling that protection and prevention strategies were not in place. Instead, the ex-PM appeared cosy with the former ministers of home affairs, housing and economic affairs.

There is the fallacious argument that what transpired is an acceptable part of democracy. But those who never search the wisdom of their conscience have no moral compass.

The so-called parliamentarians involved do not have the soul of wisdom, the heart for knowledge and the mind for intellect. The best available cure for us is to be without them.

No one is conferred with immutable rights to do as they please on our behalf.

So now, we must work to enact stronger laws to:

  • prevent any parliamentarian or state assembly member who is facing criminal charges from being involved in Parliament or state assemblies
  • suspend any criminals from Parliament, party politics or any position
  • reject any nefarious characters through a disqualification process, especially if they change their political position or allegiance 
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Otherwise, can you imagine if we landed up with a government run by dubious characters, racists of the worst kind and religious bigots?

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