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Oh … my world

A poem by Nasir Hashim


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Oh… my world

my dissolving world

will you ever listen to me

You moan and


yet everything …

withers away

Lamenting over

loss pride and

identity crisis

smouldering anger

misdirected by the godly few

Trapped in the

cult of fear and

marauding sosial

media of




to protect the

monopolistic few

and their



And you allow that to happen

Oh my world…

will you ever

listen to me

when i say simulated


and conspiracies

scripted years

before the


sparking panic,

helplessness and

incessant chaos

to legitimise the

push for a new

world order




and horrific


for many

So plotters grace

the majestic

corridors of lame

governments and abiding global


to worship

monopoly and pry

ill-gotten gains

And you let that happen

Oh my world … my

sinking world

will you now

listen to me

Don’t self


through mind


scoring points for



to hoodwink the


intellectuals and alienate many


ordinary lives as

means of control and pathetic

collateral damage

squeezing world’s

wealth to fund

their clandestine

reset of a new

world order

So the rich get

filthy rich and

the marginalised in abject poverty and utter destitution

Engraved on Marx’s tombstone:

“The role of


(intellectual) is

not merely to

interpret the

world in various

ways. The point is

to change it.”

And so…

change society…

you must

expose and neutralise your

enemies …your

moral compass

Oh my world … will you listen now

for you are drowning in the muck of manipulative racial, religious bigotry and propping pleasing denominations

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Yet the high and mighty intellectuals

prefer to

‘cure the

symptoms rather

than the disease


Thus legitimising this exploitative

system in perpetuity

Oh my world …

don’t moan and groan

forever more

Don’t reminisce pleasantries on

how the world ought to be

and expect miracles and super beings to rescue you in these

man-made delusions, persecutions and conspiracies

So I pray and hope you care

So wake up … wake up from your

slumbering existence and

stop indulging in self pity

You are the only heroes that make the difference

yet you underestimate your miraculous strengths and


So stand tall and reset your destiny

and cut off those greedy tentacles

in your backyards and from all

corners of the globe

and spark the spiritual and material

strengths to create your very own brave new world

Where love and compassion

Nourish us all


October 2021

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Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim received a PhD in international nutrition from Cornell University. He served as the first chairman of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) for 23 years (1996-2019) and as the Selangor State Legislative Assembly member for Kota Damansara (2008-2013). These days, he enjoys writing poems, painting and playing the harmonica
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