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OK to use public transport now – but Parliament sits only in July?

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If it is OK to use public transport now, why do we have to wait so long for Parliament to sit for debates, JD Lovrenciear wonders.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Fools multiply when wise men are silent.”

Mandela’s observation is most relevant in this prevailing political climate amid economic uncertainty and the financial perils in Malaysia.

While the public seem to welcome the gradual lifting of the lockdowns, many are worried over the seeming silence of the wise women and men.

The variety of post Covid-19 relief packages being dished out without parliamentary scrutiny hints of the absence of harnessed wisdom and oversight that Parliament could have provided.

The surprising outcomes in several high-profile cases have left many ordinary people astonished.

The media in general knit an impression among those who stood for accountability before the coup of February 2020 that silence is best in this Covid-19 recovery stage.

Nelson Mandela is being proven right.

Meanwhile, RapidKL train operations have returned to near normal. Commuters are already jamming some motorways as they get to and from work.

Good to know that Malaysia seems to be free of a Covid-19 second and third wave – for now.

If people can use public transport now, why do we have to wait so long for Parliament to sit so that MPs can debate the many serious issues of the day?

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Hakimi Abdul Jabar
27 Jun 2020 2.13am

Malaysia is one of the nations which had supported & affirmed the Declaration of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly on the Rule of Law on 24 September 2012 which recognized that all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the
State itself, are accountable to just, fair and equitable laws and are entitled without
any discrimination to equal protection of the law in accordance with the universally-accepted principle of the supremacy of the law.

Without accountability and transparency, the supremacy of the law and the rule of law are brought to ridicule by repulsive & repugnant violators who desecrate the sanctity of the supremacy of the law with disdainful impunity.

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