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PBS, will you stand with the righteous or walk with ‘traitors’?

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Many Malaysians truly hope PBS will be part of the effort to bring decency and inclusiveness into politics. P Ramarkrishnan writes.

This article is addressed to Parti Bersatu Sabah (United Sabah Party). It must remember its history; how it first came to power in 1985 and how it ruled for two terms; how, despite being elected the fourth time in 1994, it was toppled by treachery.

A duly elected PBS government was subverted and toppled so that Barisan Nasional – more precisely, Umno – could take over the Sabah government and run the state uninterruptedly for 24 years until 2018.

PBS must remember how BN diluted the PBS strongholds to diminish their strength by delineating the constituencies to create new constituencies in favour of BN. This effectively denied the opposition from defeating the BN until 2018.

PBS must remember how it had to crawl to join BN in order to remain relevant in Sabah. It was never accorded the respect it deserved, and finally, before the 2018 general elections it left BN and contested as PBS.

If PBS, having left BN, were to now become part of a Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) government, it would mean it is back with BN, cooperating with the very party responsible for all the woes of Sabah.

Remember, the BN government wouldn’t allow the erection of the Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) statue in Kudat?

Do you remember how the authorities prevented Christian religious material containing the word Allah from being imported into Sabah? Do you recall that an East Malaysian Christian possessing Christian religious material with the word Allah had her material seized?

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Don’t you remember that Sabah was never treated as an equal entity with Malaya in the Federation of Malaysia but was always treated as one of the states?

There are many more injustices inflicted on the people of Sabah that PBS struggled against.

Now we wonder, how can you be part of BN in its attempt to form a government? It can only form the government with your support. Without your support, it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of making a comeback to power in Sabah. Only you can make it happen.

The moment you withdraw yourself, the 41 seats claimed by PN, BN and their allies will plunge to 34 seats. They (PN and BN) will become a minority pact. On the other hand, the majority of Warisan Plus will soar to 39, establishing an unshakeable majority! Warisan’s claim to form the government cannot be disputed any longer.

PBS, search your conscience and ask yourself, do you really want to ally with BN and sacrifice your dignity? You will be remembered not for your earlier earnest battle for Sabah but for your present betrayal that allegedly brings back corrupt people to govern Sabah.

If you truly care for Sabah, as you did when you were in power in those glorious days of the mid-1980s, please do not tarnish your reputation. You can still redeem yourself and regain lost respect by throwing your weight behind Warisan, which truly represents Sabahans without any discrimination.

Shafie Apdal wants to create a nation for all, not for any race or religion. Which leader had uttered this noble sentiment so proudly and loudly? He even attended a Christian thanksgiving event and was part of that gathering. Which Umno leader would do that?

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Would you stand with Shafie or walk with Muhyiddin Yassin, who declared he was a Malay first and only then a Malaysian.

You owe it to yourself to live pristinely to your truest self. Your support for Warisan would imply you have joined forces with those who represent the best in politics to save Sabah.

It is said, “Whatever the consequences of staying true to yourself, they’re much less than the consequences of selling your soul.”

Don’t let it be said, “Because no matter what they say, you always have a choice. You just don’t always have the guts to make it.” – Ray N Kuili, Awakening

Malaysians truly hope PBS will be part of this sincere Warisan effort to bring decency into politics.

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