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PH must not betray voters’ trust by accepting BN defectors


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PH leaders should not roll out the welcome carpet for the very politicians that citizens had given up on, warns JD Lovrenciear.

The exodus from Umno has begun. The MCA and the MIC and other partners within Barisan Nasional are perhaps also calculating their departures.

Meanwhile some believe that coalition parties within Pakatan Harapan are eagerly and perhaps quietly willing to open the gates to those abandoning a party they had vouched to be the sole protector of the Malays and Islam in the country right up to polling day on 9 May 2018.

If PH leaders admit more Umno or BN defectors, it would be widely perceived as an act of gross betrayal. PH leaders must not (out of desperation or convenience) forget that voters, after much deep thought, cast their precious ballots in favour of PH to get rid of a party and coalition that had largely betrayed the voters over six decades.

So PH leaders should not roll out the welcome carpet to the very politicians that citizens had given up on. If they do so, where would be the deep sense of moral fidelity to citizens?

Citizens were told that Umno was corrupt. We were told that BN was corrupt. We were told that Pas was a threat to the nation’s Federal Constitution. So why should the back gates of PH be left open for its opponents? Is it to secure Umno supporters? Or to pacify Pas followers? That would be a grave weakness for PH.

A political party is not independent of the leaders of that political party. It is the politicians and their supporters who make up a party. So if a political party is deemed corrupt, it is because of the sins of commission or omission committed by politicians in that party.

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If compromised Umno or other BN politicians are admitted into PH, it would be no different from the proverbial ‘tutup satu mata’ culture that was prevalent in the past government of six decades. If such BN politicians are admitted, how can PH leaders then profess that we now have a ‘new Malaysia’? Would that not be a betrayal of the voters’ trust?

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charles lim
charles lim
30 Sep 2018 10.39am

If many BN/UMNO members join PH, and keep their Version 1 agenda into PH, then many PH voters may be ‘confused’ who to vote/suport. Our voters will be wondering that are they voting for New Malaysia, or old BN/UMNO people who merely ‘changed’ shirts with very DIRTY bodies of 50 years. Although PH won GE14 was a surprise, the voters do not want VERY DIRTY BODIES included with PH shirts.

Johan Khun Pana
Johan Khun Pana
23 Sep 2018 11.40pm

Not all from umno & BN are 100 % “hantu”/ rotten to the core, just 99% of them are rotten.
But we have to accept the fact that we are in a Democratic society and therefore Freedom of association must be upheld. Suggest a cooling off time period.
Example- let them wait maybe 2-5 years before accepting them into PH arena.
Those who joins after May 9th 2018 are opportunist parasites (most of them are).
While on Freedom of Association – The LGBT community should be protected . The same way the govt protects the extremist religion people.
All PH leaders and ministers are to be reminded time and time again that Malaysia is Secular.

28 Sep 2018 2.58pm

Yes. Not all UMNO people are rotten apples, many current members are, whilst there are others who are in UMNO for its original ideal, which many of us may not agree with, but which is more honorable than the opportunistic self interest of most members in the party.

Now that UMNO no longer provides opportunities, the opportunists leave or jump ship to another party, whilst those true to their ideals (the kshatria) will remain and fight on.

Pakatan must be careful to to accept these opportunist, unless they can be sure that the person left UMNO for altruistic reasons.

23 Sep 2018 9.25am

– / contd

Perhaps I may have been reading too much of Raggie Jessy but another possible scenario could be that after Mahathir has consolidated his support base within PPBM and a faction within PKR plus UMNO members who have crossed over, Mahathir leads his group out of Pakatan Harapan back into what’s left of UMNO, takes it over, becomes its head, then forms a pact with PAS thus gaining a majority in parliament. then goes on to claim the right to become the government.

Either that or PH totters on as a minority government, unable to effectively rule, whilst the opposition in majority makes the laws for the PH government to implement.

Anything is possible in Bolehland.

23 Sep 2018 9.13am

Malaysian, especially UMNO politics has been a battle of feudal style warlords behind a facade of Westminster style democratic institutions and whilst much of this battle between warlords takes place internally between warring factions within UMNO, Keadilan was formed from a faction whose leader was booted out of UMNO and PPBM formed by a faction chief who left and others who were booted out.

So no surprise that Keadilan – now PKR and PPBM have retained their UMNO DNA and opportunistically are willing to welcome UMNO members who leave the floundering “ship”.

So with UMNO floundering and BN fractured, Pakatan Harapan becomes “Barisan Nasional 2.0”, which perhaps will rule for the next 20 years or more.

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