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Plight Of The Palestinians

A poem by Mohd Nasir Hashim.

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Most failed to mention the pathetic, whimpering and lamenting Muslim countries with their indecent empty protests.

Too busy sucking up to the gestures of their overlords (superpowers), embroiled in gambling, womanising, profiteering and corrupting the world with religious overtones.

These lost and lusting tourists continue to galavant the world, displaying shameful arrogance and wasteful shopping spree.

Whilst millions of their brothers and sisters in poverty and dying by the wayside.

Sadly, Muslim countries are too busy glorifying the punishing rituals of feudalistic, robotic hadiths that more often than not contradict the guiding principles and knowledge of the Quran.

Blindly banking on destiny (takdir) as mere excuse to do nothing, perpetuating ignorance and glorifying inferiority complex.

God did not inform them of their destiny and they prefer to ignore Allah’s Quranic message of “God helps those who help themselves”

A day will come when an earthly tremor will swallow and wipe off into oblivion those Arab countries into the waiting hollow dungeons of their depleted oil reserves below.

We pray that Allah will replace them with better communities, imbued with universal love, compassion and justice for all.

UN as impotent as ever and trapped in the culture of dependency, indebtedness and sterile posturing.

We salute the non-Muslim brothers and sisters and a few discerning Muslim countries for exposing the genocidal Zionist Israel (backed by superpowers) to wipe out the Palestinian people, their heritage and rights.

– Mohd Nasir Hashim

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Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim served as the first chairman of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) for 23 years (1996-2019). He is also a former Selangor State Legislative Assembly member for Kota Damansara (2008-2013). Nasir received his PhD in international nutrition from Cornell University and, in his free time, enjoys writing poems, painting and playing the harmonica
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