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Poems: Purpose Defeating and Catharsis

Precious food security: A fisherman at work in Teluk Kumbar

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Here are a couple more daily poems by Dave Anthony.

11 April

Purpose defeating

To help poor, disadvantaged, Pakej Prihatin

Cabinet armchair decision tidak turun padang

Purpose defeating.

Self-employed small traders, farmers, fishermen,

Have to be registered with LHDN,

Don’t know Where? How? When?

Purpose defeating.

Internet connectivity a long distant walk

In deep rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

Purpose defeating.

Aid not reaching Sungai Asap

Money needed As Soon As Possible,

ATM 160km away tiresomely reachable

Travel cost, ATM rosak, aid frustrated.

Purpose defeating.

New extension can cut hair*

From one meter away?

One barber several clients

Physical contact of touching

Under social distancing order?

Purpose defeating.

Three and a half to one infectivity

Barber shop in full service

Total ineffectivity.

Purpose defeating.

Ill-thought policies of easements

Will create a U-turn of efforts

With Pandemic’s drastic resurgence.

Purpose defeating.

* The decision to allow hairdressers to reopen during the movement control order has since been reversed


12 April


Has Covid 19 thrown us into purgatory?

Forced to stay at home marooned, or solitary

Tensed up with fear of impending infection?

Emotionally requiring a dramatic purification?

Social distancing by movement restriction

Opens a portal for online congregation.

flood of jokes, gags, memes for the net consumer

Memes, like Covid, spread from person to person going viral.

Stand-up comedian seated before his computer

Humouring people to laughter,

A people-binder, a cathartic mood-lifter,

A shared social signal, a net connecter,

The best medicine, laughter.

We may be scared, but we are laughing.

For most of us it may be a comic relief, a comfort blanket

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What about tragedy that is so funny?

Bad jokes are not funny, the satire is on the joker.

Corona for the stricken, demise of loved ones

‘Tis no laughing matter.

Even for them a healthy timely joke can be a cathartic therapy

When we laugh together with and not at them.

In difficult times, humour is a weapon

In the fight for self-preservation.

We all need be purged.

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