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Political expediency in the midst of coronavirus threat

Image by CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM - This media comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Image Library (PHIL), with identification number #23312 - Wikimedia Commons

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The plotters should never have staged their takeover bid in the midst of a global threat that affects the lives of the people, writes JD Lovrenciear.

The 29th case of the coronavirus in Malaysia is hurting the rakyat even further.

Hot on the heels of the political coup that took the nation more than week to grapple with, another coronavirus threat showcases the sheer betrayal of the nation’s interests.

The case of a high-ranking Khazanah officer who returned from China and is now diagnosed with coronavirus has struck grave concern and raises serious moral questions.

Khazanah is scrambling to sterile its busy premise and building. Will other venues where those who had come into contact with the Khazanah officer had gathered not be alarmed and do what is necessary?

When the world is buckling with the pressure of the global threat of the virus, how could our own politicians stage a coup of this magnitude?

It is not just in China. Korea, Japan and Iran, where the virus has taken root, are fighting a national battle to protect their people. Even Saudi Arabia has announced a ban on religious travel, resulting in millions of Muslims temporarily and until further notice unable to fulfil their obligation as a Muslim.

Global trade is hanging in the balance with responsible nations seriously and intently focused on committing their governments to rise to the challenge to tackle this precarious situation.

But over here, a band of politicians thought it a greater priority to overthrow a functioning, legitimately elected, government – instead of working in unison with the government of the day to protect the nation from this pandemic. They thought it was more important than mitigating the related economic strains and uncertainties arising from this global threat.

Couldn’t these politicians who felt that they were better leaders – and more desired (as claimed by their arsenal of statutory declarations) – have waited until the coronavirus threat was over before doing what they felt they had to do?

Now the people are watching to see if any one of these political leaders dare tell the nation: Do not create pandemonium. We only have 29 cases. Other nations are worse off. God willing, nothing serious will happen here in Malaysia.

Where is their sense of patriotism? What are the principles of service to nation that they operate on?

God forbid, if the coronavirus takes root in this country like it has elsewhere, there would be no forgiveness for these politicians who saw an opportunity to seize control and form a new government in the middle of this global threat. These politicians could have soldiered on, working together with the elected government during a period of crisis. That would have been the right thing to do.

Instead, we have witnessed how unprincipled our political landscape is. How can we ever build a great nation when the fundamental pillars of leadership and nationhood are seriously flawed?

These plotters should never have staged their coup in the midst of a global threat that affects the lives of the people. Never!

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