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Political virus has hit Malaysia!

How should MPs behave in Parliament?

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Let the voters decide whether they want the plotters back or whether they should be wiped out, says P Ramakrishnan.

Betrayal is common for men with no conscience. – Toba Beta

A new strand of virus has hit Malaysia. It is the political virus. It attacks parliamentary democracy. It destroys the rule of law. It ignores the hopes and aspirations of the people.

It spares the crooked and the bigot who seem to enjoy a natural immunity. It will attack the country most viciously, removing all opposition and those who stand up for democracy.

The only antidote to arrest this cancerous virus is His Majesty, our beloved Agong, who has all the authority to stop the virus in its tracks.

Loyal Malaysians turn to His Majesty with hopeful confidence, believing he will save them and the country. He is our last bastion if democracy is to survive; if the rule of law is to prevail.

It is our plea that His Majesty by his action will bring back decency to political democracy; that his deed will entrench the rule of law; that his action will restore ethics and morality in the governance of the country.

With Bersatu pulling out, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government no longer exists. If the remaining allies of PH were allowed to form a government, it would be a minority government with Bersatu’s 26 MPs leaving and with Azmin’s 11 MPs quitting. It would not be a stable government. It would be allowed to exist at the behest of its opponents who could pull the carpet from under its feet at anytime. It could be toppled whenever the Opposition moves a vote of no confidence.

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A minority government in such a precarious position would not be an effective one. It would be too busy safeguarding its position and would not dare to introduce policies that might not be shot down by the Opposition. The much-promised reforms will take a back seat. Survival will be prioritised at the expense of the people’s welfare.

What is crucial is the judiciary, which will act in the interest of justice. Will Tommy Thomas, who brought so much dignity to the Attorney General’s Chambers, be sacked by Parliament? Will Latheefa Koya be replaced, bringing to a stop all the corruption cases that are being dug up after they had been closed with the shameful misnomer “No Further Action”?

Will another Mohamed Apandi Ali be appointed to clear individuals who stand to be prosecuted? Will judges be appointed to toe the line of the Executive?

These are the troubling uncertainties worrying almost all thinking Malaysians who mean well for the country. We do not want another plot to be hatched soon after this nefarious episode. This cannot be excluded with the same treacherous plotters sitting tight waiting to pounce back at the opportune time.

To bring back morality, ethics and decency into politics, it is necessary to have fresh elections. Let the voters decide whether they want the plotters back or whether they should be wiped out. The voters deserve this opportunity to punish those who betrayed their trust.

We note with much regret that these unscrupulous elements have put in so much effort to safeguard their own position and power and so little effort to promote the wellbeing of the ordinary people who put their trust in them.

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This is why it is so crucial for His Majesty to dissolve Parliament in the interest of the people and nation. Malaysians will long remember and honour His Majesty for making this country all the better with his wisdom and compassion.

This is a desperate plea from every loyal Malaysian who respects and cherishes the constitutional monarchy.

Daulat Tuanku!

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