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Politics without principles will impoverish Malaysia

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Principles are the fulcrum for people and politics, writes JD Lovrenciear.

So we have a new man at the helm as our eighth prime minister. Will the dust settle from now? That is probably the most debated question in Malaysia now.

We need to pause and reflect as the nation remains embroiled in a tense, unpredictable, unsettled faux paus and political quagmire.

Between the people and politics rest principles – the fulcrum that drives the future across the world.

So let us take a clean sheet of paper and list the following:

What are the principles by which we as a nation of people live by?

What are the principles that drive our business communities from the solo trader to the boardroom of powerful directors and oligarchs?

What are the principles that hold each community of believers of the various faiths as they profess to journey with fellow citizens of differing faiths?

What are the principles that professionals to blue-collar workers, NGO activists and politicians hold on to, fervently?

If these principles are not in sync with the universal truths that accompany the journeying of all of humanity, then we will be in perpetual crisis as a nation.

If universal principles – truth, justice, honour and dignity of life and governance, upon which every spiritual tradition draws is tenets – are ignored, and no matter what politicians and religious leaders promise and what people chase for, we will never realise a blessed nation.

So what are the answers we can courageous list? What exactly are the principles that best describes the soul (or conscience and consciousness) of Malaysia?

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There lie the answers to all the agonies we face today.

When our principles – of people and politics – are in harmony with humanity’s benchmarks, we will progress. When these are off tangent, we are doomed no matter how much we scream our lungs, fight our battles or make promises.

Principles are the fulcrum for people and politics. The pillars. The cornerstone. Principles and humanity cannot be isolated from each other.

In Malaysia our principles have been slipping away, in all facets of people’s lives, including in politics.

Despite all the piety we showcase, despite all the knowledge we profess to draw upon, despite all the personal wealth and riches we parade, despite the numerous laws we enact, we are truly impoverished in terms of our principles.

Now, do not try rebutting by retorting “Don’t be idealistic” or “Mana ada dunia kalau ada principles, bro?”.

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