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Return to society what rightfully belongs to us all

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The culprits who have stolen from the nation and robbed it of its future must be brought to justice, writes JD Lovrenciear.

Malaysians are blessed indeed.

It must have been the endless litany of prayers offered by ordinary citizens and concerned leaders in mosques, temples and churches across the nation these past years that today it is raining showers of hope and redress across the nation.

With enforcement agencies and keepers of the law working round the clock since the watershed general election, we see a new dawn of justice.

All those who took the wealth of this nation for their personal enjoyment have to start counting the hours. Yes, the guilty and culpable must know that the wealth of this nation is not theirs and theirs alone to enjoy till kingdom come.

The wealth of a nation is entrusted to the care of leaders so that they to society what rightfully belongs to all that live in our land.

Leaders – political masters, rulers, business mavericks or civil society champions, religious heads – have a common moral responsibility. They are given the trust, hope and mandate to work for the betterment of the nation and its future, using the nation’s wealth to serve the common good.

Those abusing their office to siphon away a chunk of the nation’s wealth for their own gain, driven by avarice and greed, deserve no mercy. For having stolen from the nation and robbed it of its future, they must be brought to justice in this world.

Returning to society what rightfully belongs to it is an urgent task. Our beloved nation has suffered much at the hands of thieving hoarding of greedy, selfish citizens.

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We, the people of Malaysia, who are the ultimate custodians of the nation’s future, must stand firm together. We must not fall for those who manipulate issues of race, religion and royalty to divert attention from their guilt at having stolen our future generations’ wellbeing.

May our institutions entrusted with safeguarding the public interest succeed in their arduous task of administering justice without fear, favour or compromise.

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