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Right to know truth about nation’s financial health

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The sooner we dig up and expose all past sins of commission and omission, the better our chances of reform, writes JD Lovrenciear.

It appears that Anwar Ibrahim does not want the truth out because it may affect investors’ confidence in the nation’s financial health. 

Meanwhile, the finance minister remains convinced and is also faithfully taking the cue from his boss, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to expose the extent of the rot involving our country’s financial abuses in the past. 

For decades Malaysians and trading or investing partners have been kept in the dark. Truth was strictly exclusive to the Najib Razak regime. 

When truth is locked away for fear of losing the confidence of investors, it emboldens crooks and unprincipled people to thrive under the cover of half truths and lies. 

The state of a country’s financial position rightfully should be communicated to all citizens and the business community. Such open book practices by the government forces crooks to flee or get reformed. It also sends a loud message to all those in office to be accountable. 

A nation that professes and exposes all past sins can only get stronger, earning the respect of the global ethical business world. It will also benefit from the trust reaped from its own citizenry. 

So why is Anwar Ibrahim, a known and respected reformist cautioning Lim Guan Eng to keep the lid on over all the much-talked-about abuses, misappropriated funds, lack of transparency and shady accountability of the past regime? By his very act of talking to the media in cautioning the finance minister, Anwar is sending the wrong message to citizens and the global community. 

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The sooner we dig up and expose all past sins of commission and omission, the better our chances of reform. So let truth prevail. We should encourage the government to expose without compromise. For therein lies the degree of political will to heal our nation. 

In this age of the networked global society, lies and doctored truths will boomerang faster than we think. 

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