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Sacrifice to build the nation

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Political parties must be motivated to sacrifice to build a nation and not sacrifice a nation’s future just to grab power and control, writes JD Lovernciear.

The day that Pakatan Harapan was given the mandate to form the government, citizens raised their bar of hope and expectations for a greater Malaysia.

But the weeks after the general election are beginning to be spiked with endless bashing and undermining of political parties.

If we are serious about national reconstruction and building a sustainable future for all Malaysians, all these attacks by political parties – obviously in trying to wrest power, weaken the government of the day or put forward one leader over another – must be stopped.

Malaysians cast their ballots not to endure another season of political parties fighting one another. Nation-building should not be overtaken by power struggles – be it within PH or by an opposition agenda to bring down the government.

If we are patriotic citizens – and this includes all politicians – why are we still witnessing racial and religious arrows being sharpened by political parties to attack and hurt emotions among the multiracial population?

Even the by-elections caused by the untimely deaths of elected representatives are said by one politicians to be gifts from God. How disgustingly sick is that. Is gaining or regaining political power more important than working in unison for a greater Malaysia?

Just assess the statements being spewed by politicians – especially from the vanquished Barisan Nasional and Umno in particular. Assess too the media statements and grapevine claims of discord and suspected power struggles going on within PH.

It gives the impression that political parties in Malaysia are no better than some of the failed governments of third world nations embroiled in perennial power struggles, eventually hindering their nations from progress. Do we want to allow Malaysia to sink into such a pit?

Let us put our nation first. Political parties that lost can wait for the next general election. Let us stop undermining one another’s parties.

Political parties must be motivated to sacrifice to build the nation and not sacrifice the nation’s future just to grab power and control.

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