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‘Sheraton Move’: Was it really for the Rakyat’s sake?

The Sheraton Move showed up Pakatan Harapan's lack of a common ideology

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Adrian Lee writes an open letter to our “honourable“ Malaysian MPs reminding them of their oath to serve the people and to uphold the Constitution. 

Dear Yang Berhormat/honourable MPs

We, the normal Malaysian rakyat, were recently forced to witness and endure a political impasse that caused all forms of instability, which has affected us tremendously.

As Yang Berhormat, otherwise known as Honourable Members, we’d surely expect you to be fully capable of doing the honourable thing to resolve the situation.

Put simply, to be honourable is to behave in a manner that is upright, just, truthful and virtuous, always putting the best interests of the rakyat and the nation uppermost. This is, after all, stated in the oath and pledge you took when assuming office, if you need reminding.

In case you forgot or were too busy serving the rakyat to remember, you once took at an oath to fulfil your obligations to Malaysia to the best of your ability and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution – the highest law of the federation – with honesty.

These obligations mean serving the country and the people, the Rakyat. Let’s not get into the details of who pays whose salaries and pensions, who drives luxury cars and who doesn’t, cabinet positions, back doors, Kermits, etc.

So, we were told that the recent political impasse – party/coalition hopping, change of government – was simply for “the sake of the people’s wellbeing”. We were reminded that this wasn’t a power play, power struggle, Game of Thrones….

If indeed this was done for the Rakyat, then we thank you for that most honourable act – for finally, our wellbeing is being placed first. In so doing, you’ve put aside party politics, politicking, political ideologies and political stands to honourably ensure that the wellbeing of the rakyat and Malaysia is placed first.

In the media, I saw politicians beaming, knowing that they had wrested back the right to govern. On the other side, I noticed faces distraught and confused at having lost that right.

I read their smiles as their being ecstatic, for they could again honourably serve the Rakyat. And the distraught ones must have been upset over losing the right to govern. Honourably. (But, lest you forget, you are still wakil rakyat or people’s respresentatives)!

The Rakyat, the voters that you serve, were never consulted. How would you know then, what is best for our sake and wellbeing? Did you ask us if this is what we wanted? Do you really know the problems we face? A political impasse and a market crash were not what most people wanted.

We were never asked if this “move” was indeed best for us. Perhaps we were not important enough to be invited to the cloak-and-dagger dinner-meetings held at five-star hotels.

Since you claim the wellbeing of the rakyat is placed above all other matters, do you have a plan on how to “save the nation”? Don’t be like those who acted surprised when they won unexpectedly. Honourably fulfil your promises – unlike those who claimed that winning an election unexpectedly meant they did not need to fulfil promises.

In your years of “turun padang”, by now you should know the Rakyat’s every want and need and the plight they face.

But, just in case, here are some ways for you to save Malaysia, related to issues – which you should already know – we have been worried about for decades:

  • Revive the economy, strengthen the Ringgit and put more money into the Rakyat’s pockets
  • Lower the prices of food and essential items
  • Create more thinking students and graduates through a world-class education system
  • Ensure higher starting salaries for graduates
  • Create a crime-free Malaysia
  • Produce responsible motorists – motorcyclists, car drivers, lorry drivers, taxi drivers, e-hailing drivers, etc
  • Eradicate racial and ethnic politics and tension
  • Provide a cheaper yet world-class public healthcare system
  • Eradicate poverty and homelessness
  • Provide a living minimum wage
  • Create a world-class yet cheap and efficient public transport system
  • Create better and safer roads – not more highways, please
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Wipe out corruption at all levels
  • Uphold the rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution
  • Ensure freedom of the press and freedom of expression
  • Uphold the right to religious and cultural practices without fear
  • Prevent the coronavirus and any other diseases from spreading
  • Make sure that our cities are safe from floods whenever there is a downpour
  • Prevent the soon-to-arrive haze
  • Most importantly, completely stop unnecessary politicking and making sly comments and focus on running a proper government 

The above shouldn’t be too tall an order, for you have already stated that you are putting the Rakyat’s wellbeing first and that you want to save Malaysia.

So, whether the change of government was for the Rakyat’s sake or to save Malaysia, remember you wanted to be elected to office to serve the best interests of the Rakyat and of Malaysia in a manner that is upright, just, truthful, virtuous, and conscientious. With honesty and honour, of course.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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ambigapthi samarasan
ambigapthi samarasan
13 Mar 2020 6.49am

Please stop party hopping do not make the voters look like fools,second do what the people request or want not to do what you like as PM

12 Mar 2020 9.42am

Sheraton Move was a cheap skate long planned coup in preventing Anwar Ibrahim from becoming a PM. Now all Traitors, Kleptocracy & Fanaticism have got together now to govern Malaysia. Yes of course for the next 2 years or so they will behave & portray good ethics to win the heart of the rakyat with the only aim to win big majority during GE15.

Santana Kl
Santana Kl
11 Mar 2020 9.00pm

I would like to request that Aliran/other print media to publish the list MP’s who support the PN government, the constituency they represent and the party they belong to including details if they have switched party. This will enable the people who elected them to assess their integrity and credibility and decide if they should vote for him/her come next election.

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