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We should never be stumped or shocked 

It is not an ordinary violation 

Nor is it sheer incompetence 

Or an abject level of stupidity 

It has been known 

For the longest of times, that this is but 

A standard operating procedure 


We should never be stumped or shocked 

The government and its institutions 

Have used and enslaved its instruments

To perpetuate and promote 

A propaganda of profane lies

Engaging in deception against

Citizens, King and country in

A standard operating procedure


We should never be shocked 

This is not an incident of an accident

Or an oversight or a pure mistake

It is indefensible blatant criminality of

Traitors, treasonous 

Poisonous and treacherous 

Propositions conceived by the

Arrogant entitled elite and the

Pompous privileged lot who 

Have brazenly been in violation

Enjoying immunity with impunity

Much too long and far too long

The improbability and unthinkable conceivability 

That they would never be challenged.

Of their incontestable madness and folly 

Of an impregnable illusion and delusion

Of basking on an eternity of power

It was business as usual, as it was 

A standard operating procedure


We should never be shocked

The conduct and behaviour of this

Government and its institutions has been

Reprehensible and repugnant

It has always talked and looked down

And been insensitive deaf and dumb

Engaged in high-handed intimidation

Waging a war of terror and horror  

On its very own citizens 

Hounding, pounding and pulverising

Stalking, fining and incarcerating innocents

Especially the most vulnerable 

Weak, wounded and marginalised 

Destitute and devoid of humanity

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Desecrating, defiling and defaming

All tenets of democracy  

They have been getting away with

Anything and everything

Lock, stock and barrel

Inclusive of the mayhem and carnage

Of potential culpability for deaths  

In the brokenness of indescribable   

Sadness of the fumbling and bungling

Vaccines in the Covid tragedy, yet

None of these strutting peacocks

Sitting in their ivory towers

And golden glided cages 

Have been investigated for possible

Negligence and dereliction of duty

They have set free the corrupt guilty

On frivolous flippant trivialities

And excused their own of breaking rules

And the common – punished like serfs

Is this the day of reckoning?

For terminating and ending

A standard operating procedure?


We should never be stumped or shocked!

The latest fiasco reveals

That this bungling lot have 

No respect or fear of anyone

They have no audit or account of

800 billion or more which may have been

Pilfered, pillaged or plundered

If a King can be subject 

To such disrespectful dishonesty!

Of the travesty of a barefaced lie

Who are we to expect more?

For it has always been this squalid lot’s

Standard operating procedure


We should never be stumped or shocked

These are the donkeys leading wolves

It is sneering mockery and a downright insult

These hoodlums, thugs and thieves

And pirates of democrazy 

With their tails between 

Their hind legs have fled

Scampering, whimpering and whining 

On the old bones of concocted lies 

They threw sewage scraps and crumbs 

Of deception as if the 

King and his subjects were …

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These scoundrels shenaniganism exposed  

Their inexcusable treason and treachery 

Their inescapable darkness of betrayal seen

In broad daylight, charge them all!!!

Make redundant and extinct the

Standard operating procedure! 


But then again this is Malaysia!

Despicable as it may seem

We can’t function without

The ‘marijuana’ and addictive ‘opium’ of this

Standard operating procedure! 

– Dominic Damian


The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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