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Stop harassing MP Teo with meaningless law

The police could put their time to good use pursuing unresolved crimes

Why is Teo Nie Ching being investigated for a social media post in 2017? - FACEBOOK

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It comes as an extreme shock to Malaysians that police are investigating Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching over a posting she shared on social media way back in April 2017. They are springing into action after more than four years of inaction. It is unbelievable!

She is being probed under Section 504 of the Penal Code (intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.)

While it may be reluctantly conceded that at that time of the posting in April 2017, there might have been some vaguely valid reason to presume it could have likely provoked a breach of the peace, now over four years later, there is absolutely no grounds for that presumption.

The last four years have established that that posting did not provoke a breach of the peace, much less the tendency to do so. There wasn’t even a ripple!

This being the case, why is Teo then being investigated now? There are no justifiable grounds to waste precious police time on this meaningless investigation. Can the police convince the public that there is a need to pursue this case after more than four years?

Teo’s posting was about freedom of expression, a universal inalienable human right that must be upheld – not trampled upon! She ought to be congratulated that she defended the freedom of expression, as to be expected of any decent human being. She stood with the Federal Constitution and defended a right conferred by the Constitution and the 73-year-old Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The police should turn their attention to outstanding cases that are waiting to be solved. What happened to Pastor Raymond Koh, missing since 2017, and Ruth Sitepu and her husband Joshua Hilmy, who disappeared several months earlier? Who killed Teoh Beng Hock – a 13-year case of tragic inaction? What happened to Indira Gandhi’s daughter – a mother grieving daily also for 13 years?

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Likewise, there are many unsolved cases challenging the expertise of the police force for resolution. This is where their attention should be directed to.

The Malaysian public calls upon the police to desist from hounding and harassing Teo and appeals to them to put their time to good use pursuing unresolved crimes – instead of wasting their time on unproductive efforts.

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Ban Cheng Tan
Ban Cheng Tan
13 Jan 2022 6.05pm

P. Ramakrishnan, mindful of the attendant shifts of the horse-trading at the top, we must always be aware of the idea that this trivial move may grow into a much larger and more potent campaign to prosecute and persecute the DAP and its leaders into oblivion.

This alas was done to the Labour Party in the 1960s, despite no such attempt to find a new political equation. Labour’s “cell” system contributed to its eventual inability after arrests and detentions of its leaders to even hold the statutorily mandatory general meeting.

Over time, I hope my imagination will be negated Right now, the basic map of nation-building must be urgently revisited, with a consensus for a fresh start agreed upon. Failing that, cry for our country.

Angeline Loh
13 Jan 2022 3.25pm

PDRM should not only waste time pursuing non-issues, they should also stop wasting public funds in carrying out investigations into baseless claims and concentrate on obtaining real and concrete evidence, if any. The lack of proper legal knowledge among the police is clear to everyone. The public can see that this is a non-issue.

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