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Suhakam finding on abductions raises disturbing questions

Family members of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat

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Will we not let whoever is responsible know that these abductions are simply unacceptable, writes Dominic Damian.

Even before the Suhakam finding, questions and investigative deductions had already risen about several abductions. The abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh was especially highlighted due to the availability of video footage.

The Suhakam report confirmed what many had already felt – a suspicion embedded in the marrow of their bones.

Some sickening and noticeable assumptions based on logical presumptions were made.

The abductions must have originated from quarters who felt threatened. It appeared to have been concocted, planned and ordered at some high level. It could have been a collaboration. Were elements from other bodies or agencies also involved?

Consider if it had been just one rogue group outside the main corridors of power. It would be quite easy to haul them up, dismantle the group and prosecute them. Inter-dependency among various institutional structures cannot be excluded.

One cannot treat these cases as simple abductions. The first sign of a public outcry should have seen some form of quick constructive action. If those abducted were alive, they could have been released. Some concocted excuse might have been tendered, and all would have been well. But what can we presume now?

This may be deemed sensationalism or speculation, but what was the motive for these abductions if not to remove these individuals from the scene? The fear is that it may have been state agents who were complicit in this act of criminality.

This may sound rather disturbing, but did the group involved already have experience in this sort of thing? If so, such abductions could have been just another day in their lives. Was it at taxpayers’ expense?

No mid-level or low-ranking individual would dare attempt such an operation. The capacity to undertake such a professional-looking operation in broad daylight is exclusive to few. Using resources and manpower that others do not possess is a dead giveaway. A horrific crime may have been committed – and perhaps sanctioned by others within.

More than a dozen personnel were directly involved. If so, in a simple pyramid system, it could implicate others. Could there be more people directly involved? The security apparatus mentioned in the Suhakam finding may bear the bulk of responsibility. But were other bodies complicit?

The current government does not appear to display enough courage in handling this matter. The righteousness to face and expose the truth is missing. Instead, they seem strangely subdued.

Many questions arise.

Is it an inconvenient truth that is rather uncomfortable? Is the truth so shocking and shameful beyond the norm that it cannot be revealed? Are the perpetrators of such calibre and influence that they cannot be prosecuted?

Were elements from other bodies or agencies involved? Were they brainwashed and indoctrinated into a certain worldview?

Was such an abduction a hidden standard operating procedure? Was it aimed at specific targets to intimidate and threaten society at large?

The Pakatan Harapan government must have the fortitude to ensure the root of this is addressed. 1MDB and the associated corruption scandal may take the spotlight and rightly so.

But the real measure and true test of integrity is the character and conscience of a nation. When it is a question of human lives, we require the plain and simple truth!

The painful listlessness in the eyes of the family members of those missing is haunting. Is our nation’s system so heartless? Are we going to accept this? Should we allow lives to be taken on account of the belief systems some may hold?

How can any Malaysian sleep knowing that families can lose loved ones? Someday it could be us.

Were those who are missing deemed a threat? We remember the black eye a former deputy prime minister suffered two decades ago – an episode that saw many rise up in protest.
Are those who were abducted any less than the former deputy prime minister?

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Will we not stand up for these ordinary people? Will we not let whoever is responsible know that this is simply not allowed, that this is simply unacceptable?

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