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Merdeka for real

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Damian Denis wrote this reflection as he pondered over the coming Merdeka celebrations.

Ringgit is down to RM4.25 to the US dollar.
Lawlessness (at Lowyat) – unbecoming of this country.
Donation and Money Laundering – one and the same thing in Malaysia.
GST has sucked dry every hard-working Malaysians.

And our political leaders are very ‘accountable’ to the Rakyat.
Admitted RM2.6bn “donation” was used for elections
and yet he still runs the country.

And we are supposed to celebrate Merdeka this month?
Should Merdeka mean anything to us with all the above?

I think it should!
It means we deserve a second Merdeka.

We deserve a second Merdeka
that will free us from the bonds
of these rascals, unscrupulous leaders
who can only think of their next donation
or tax to impose on the Rakyat.

We deserve a second Merdeka
that will ensure our prosperity
as the Rakyat of this country.
We should not be just surviving after 58 years…
we should’ve been prospering by now!

We deserve a second Merdeka
to ensure none of Najib or his ilk
will ever be able to stand or become leaders
at whatever level or period of our country.

We definitely need a second Merdeka
from this bunch of leaders!

A tree is judged by its fruit.
If rotten fruit is always produced,
chop the tree.

If Dr Mahathir’s leadership of 22 years
produced Najib,
I can’t imagine what sort of leaders
Najib will produce for the next generation!

Can we afford to wait and see?
If we can’t change the country’s leadership
through the ballot box now,
DO NOT think the next generation can do the same
if future dictators emerge.

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They will be corrupt and just as brutal
and their evil ways will get bigger and darker.

This cutting down (of the tree) or change
requires action from all parties.
The momentum started some time ago
and we’ve got to keep it strong.

By next GE we must build a strong mass
to bring this unjust government to its knees.

Then we can truly have a meaningful Merdeka.
A real Merdeka.
A Merdeka for real!

Damian Denis is an Aliran member based in Penang.

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