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Najib’s goose is being cooked – and other happenings

Photograph: Malaysiakini

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Can Najib survive the political maelstrom he finds himself in? Tota takes a tongue-in-cheek look at recent developments in the country.

The frequency with which Umno division and liaison chiefs, Umno Youth and Wanita wings, Umno-controlled states and Umno boot-lickers declare their undying love and loyalty and unquestioning support for Najib confirms that Najib’s goose is being cooked.

Led by Mahathir, these people are baying at his feet, grinding and gnashing their teeth and snarling, ready to pounce on him.

Lately, Richard III has been in the news. His skeletal remains, found under a parking lot, were given a decent burial in a cathedral. The much-maligned Richard lost his life at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

Shakespeare’s Richard III, brilliantly portrayed by Lawrence Olivier in the movie version, showed Richard cornered on the battlefield without his horse, a forlorn, desperate figure, crying out: A Kingdom for a horse!”

Najib’s situation can be likened to Richard’s plight. One can imagine Najib outside the Palace of Justice praying to escape injustice. He certainly would not be thinking of a horse to enable him to escape. He, in desperation, is most likely to exclaim: “A Kingdom for an Airbus”.


Bolehland is a strange place to live in these days. Many things are said and done by people that defy logic and the rakyat is baffled and left wondering about the level of IQ of the speakers and doers. Below is a sampling of what has transpired lately in our beloved land.

Application of Sedition Act

When asked why the Sedition Act had been selectively applied on opposition members, the IGP responded by saying that only opposition members made seditious remarks! The poor chap had not heard of Umno/Perkasa chaps like Ibrahim Ali, who called for the burning of the Malay version of the Bible, and Zulkifli Nordin, who criticised Hinduism and Hindu gods.

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Mahathir once criticised the non-Malays, whom he called “pendatang” for constantly hatching plans to take over the country. Imagine someone like Mahathir, whose grandfather came from Kerala, calling others “pendatang”. If you have any doubts, read his “Malay Dilemma”. The venom he spews against the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, is more than disgusting.

Emboldened by lack of action by the police and the AG, some Umno goons took the law into their hands and demanded that a church in Taman Medan take down the cross. Despite promise of stern action, many believe that as always, these Umno thugs and gangsters will escape with a rap on the wrist. Just wait and see.

Wrong choices

Mahathir has frankly admitted that he is a poor judge of character resulting in a poor choice of his deputies – Musa Hitam, Ghafar Baba, Anwar Ibrahim and Abdullah Badawi. He deserves to go into the Guinness Book of Records for four changes of deputies during his tenure as PM.

A very good friend who married into the VVIP elite told me that at dinner in Johor Baru, she overheard Hussein Onn allegedly telling the people at his table that his greatest mistake in life was choosing Mahathir as his deputy. OMG, if only Hussein Onn had not made that mistake!

Now Samy Vellu says that his choice of Palanivel as his successor was a mistake. With regard to the MCA, the choice of Soi Lek as president was disastrous. He apparently turned out to be a porn star and consequently the MCA has almost been wiped out in two general elections.

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An important lesson from Nature

Since Chinese New Year the heat has been relentlessly scorching with only occasional rain. It is during this burning heat and deprived of its sustenance, rain, that certain trees like the Rose of India, the Tecoma, Sakura, the ubiquitous bougainvillae bloom and blossom in all their glory.

Human beings can learn a lesson from Mother Nature. When people are “over-fertilised” with hand-outs and perks, etc from the womb to the tomb, they never bloom and blossom. It appears that their capacity to use their talents to grow and triumph is stifled.

They move sideways from economic crutches to wheel-chairs. Many discerning individuals have pointed this out and the situation in Malaysia and Sri Lanka bear witness to this.

Tota is the pseudonym of an occasional contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Bernard Lopez
1 May 2015 7.51am

I quote here what a renowned politician, albeit an honest one just said…..strict law enforcement that would prosecute those leaders who have cheated and derailed the progress of this country. Why should the working class atone for the sins of the BN leaders and their cronies? Enough is enough,

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