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1Malaysia: Open letter to Najib

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Tota takes to task Najib’s 1Malaysia and exposes it as a farce.

1Malaysia sell out
1Malaysia sell out

Najib, your so-called 1Malaysia is a real farce and a gimmick. Thus far it is mere sloganeering, flag waving, singing and dancing. Thinking Malaysians know it is a slogan without merit to give false hopes to a captive people.

Could you tell us why you have done nothing with regard to the following issues which are crucial for national unity?

  • The Constitution guarantees equality to every citizen. How does your constant bark of Malay hegemony, Ketuanan Melayu and Malay superiority fit in with your so-called 1Malaysia?
  • Why has the NEP not been replaced with a needs-based policy without any discrimination based on ethnicity?
  • Why have you not taken any concrete steps to ensure that the civil service comprises a 2:1 Malay/non-Malay representation as recommended in the 1956 Constitution?
  • Why have you not taken any meaningful steps to ensure that non-Malays have equitable representation in the police, army, navy and air force?
  • Why have you taken no steps to ensure that scholarships granted by the federal, BN-controlled state governments, quasi-government bodies, GLCs etc are equitably distributed among the various ethnic groups? Why are the names of the recipients of JPA scholarships kept secret under the OSA?
  • Why have you done nothing to ensure that government hospitals and clinics do not dispense bovine-coated drugs to Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs? (They currently only ensure that Muslims are not dispensed non-porcine coated drugs.)
  • Why have you not taken steps to ensure that school canteens serve food that is halal for both Muslims and non-Muslims? (Currently they serve food that is halal only for Muslims.)
  • Why have you not ensured that when taxpayer’s money is used for state/federal functions, the food served is halal for both Muslims and non-Muslims? (It would be good to cater to vegetarians too.)
  • Why have you not ensured severe action be taken against teachers who call non-Malay students “pendatang” and tell them to go back to China/India? (Such racist teachers have merely been transferred.)
  • Why have you not ensured that incitement to hatred laws are applied on racists like Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Mahathir? (Your government is ever ready to use the Sedition Act selectively on Opposition leaders like Karpal and Nizar.)
  • Why did you not rebuke Muhyiddin who openly sabotaged your 1Malaysia by saying that he is Malay first and Malaysian second?
  • Why have you not stopped the theft of NCR from poor Orang Asli?
  • Why have you not legislated a Race Relations Act to ensure good inter-ethnic relationship?
  • Why have you not established an Inter-faith Commission to ensure inter-faith dialogue and harmony? (Instead of encouraging inter-faith activities, your government seems to have openly discouraged it.)
  • Why does Ramli Ibrahim, the famous Bharata Natyam dancer, not seen performing on government-controlled TV?
  • Why have you not ensured that the per capita grant is the same for both sekolah kebangsaan and vernacular schools? (Now the per capita grant favours hugely the sekolah kebangsaan.)
  • Why have you not ensured constituency development funds are given fairly to the 222 constituencies? (Currently your government is guilty of giving about RM1.5m to BN-controlled constituencies only Aren’t those who voted for the Opposition also citizens of the country? Don’t they pay taxes? Justice is an important pillar of Islam. Your policies bring shame to a great religion.
  • Chandra Muzaffar is on record as having said that Malaysian Malaysia is unfavourable to the Malays. Going by his logic, 1Malaysia is said to be favourable to the Malays and, therefore, it is unfavourable to the Non-Malays. There cannot be a more confirming statement that Imalaysia is a farce.
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Najib, you, with your heavy baggage, come across as a very hollow politician without political will. Would you have the courage and wisdom of Susilo who has legislated to make every Indonesian citizen indigenous to achieve national unity – 1Indonesia.

Najib, walk the talk or just shut up.

Tota is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

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