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A dumb survey by goons

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In Malaysia, most opinion polls are not definitive and the process is often flawed. No wonder the BN thinks Indian Malaysians will swing back to it, writes Indian Malaysian Who Will Vote For Change.

photograph: kualalumpurpost.net
photograph: kualalumpurpost.net

It is very evident that unprincipled and unscrupulous organisations are selling personal identities of their clients for a price.

Also, through identity thefts, these criminals come to possess personal details of consumers. Corrupt political parties and politicians are prepared to pay for email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

A large number of Malaysians have had to undergo the hassle of dealing with unwanted calls, emails and SMSs, especially at this time when parties are doing everything possible, legal as well as illegal, to influence voters.

Recently, my husband got a call on his mobile phone. The caller identity was “blocked” and it was a recorded message in Tamil. The message indicated that a survey was being conducted on all Malaysians of Indian ethnicity on the upcoming GE13.

The so-called survey required a response (by voice activation) to three options:

  1. Vote for a change
  2. Do not want a change
  3. Do not know

My husband chose ‘1’ as his option but the system rejected the choice saying that “option not valid”. After repeating himself several times, and getting the same response, he just hung up. Whoever was doing the survey obviously only wanted ‘2’ or ‘3’ as the acceptable answer, in which case the respondent does not want a change!

In any valid survey, the demographics of the survey such as the spectrum of society surveyed, sample size, age group and area surveyed must be made known. In Malaysia, most opinion polls are not definitive and the sampling process is often flawed.

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Is it then any wonder then that the BN has concluded that there will be a swing of votes in its favour from Malaysians of Indian ethnicity?

Indian Malaysian Who Will Vote For Change is the pseudoynm of an occasional contributor to our Thinking Allowed section.

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