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An implosion in the offing!

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Without a clear and clean national aspiration that resonates with all Malaysians, BN is on its last legs, says K Haridas.


What was to be liberation day was not to be. I was hoping that on 6 May 2013 Malaysians would wake up and feel liberated from ethnic politics. Nevertheless, the goal remains.

It is only a matter of time before the Barisan Nasional (BN) implodes. That day is not far off. We have witnessed the demise of Gerakan, the PPP and other associates. The Malaysian Chinese Association will never recover while the Malaysian Indian Congress is hanging by a thread with a leader whose signature signpost is silence.

“Chinese tsunami,” says the 1Malaysia PM playing his racial card and insulting the many Malaysians who are proud to have given him an urban hiding. He has only his Umno Baru, and what is its culture? Already we have heard from reports made at the Royal Commission in Sabah about how they have manipulated and maintained their fixed deposits in the two East Malaysian states. Over the last two elections, we have been cheated and the manipulations at this elections will be revealed in the days and weeks to come.

Malaysians have awakened, and with facts, figures and witnesses, they will challenge all the skulduggery that was in force to steal away this elections. Already the gerrymandering had placed the opposition on an uneven playing field. With the likes of Putrajaya and Kapar and the gross inequality of voter population this shows the scam of Malaysia’s free and fair elections. Just consider that the Opposition had the popular vote ahead of BN by nearly 3 per cent yet they have 34 seats fewer. What a joke and yet the Malaysian electoral system is said to be so just.

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So long as Najib focuses on the Tsunami and looks at this through ethnic eyes he will never have the capacity to understand what has happened. It is not the effect, namely the tsunami, that is significant. More importantly he needs to address the underlying causes for this urban rejection. Ethnicity will not give him the answers and his party is thus incapable of addressing the causes. Just to shout chauvinism and being ungrateful shows an unthinking mindset!

To call DAP chauvinistic is to belie the fact that Umno is the chauvinistic party. DAP is a plural party with membership and representation from all sectors of the Malaysian community. Umno can never boast in this regard. DAP has Malays, Chinese and Indian representation in Parliament. So let us drop all this name-calling which only makes Umno look stupid.

Urban Malaysia is frustrated with the levels of corruption be it in the Immigration, Customs, Police or in the local councils. No real independent effort is being made to confront this reality. The MACC is merely a rubber stamp. How can you continue to condone Taib Mahmud in Sarawak and call yours a progressive party? Yes, he is your fixed deposit; hence you are willing to give him cover and shut your eyes to all his exploitation.

We are also frustrated with the cronyism and nepotism in the award of tenders. The exploitation by Plus and its toll regime that benefits the ruling party, the favoured contracts to the IPPs regarding power at the expense of Tenaga Nasional are unforgiveable… We are today an informed nation and the days of treating the Malaysian public in an autocratic manner are days of the past.

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Perkasa has the temerity to say things and get away without even being charged for sedition, and the selective prosecution that we see undercuts our faith in the BN government and party. How does 1Malaysia gel with Perkasa?! In addition several leaders within the BN have baggage about their own credibility, and the PM has himself to get his act right.

Without a clear and clean national aspiration that resonates with all Malaysians, BN is on its last legs. So let us be vigilant and continue with our campaign to get rid of ethnic politics in our beloved country. We may have lost the battle but let us keep in mind that the war for the minds of Malaysians continues.

The BN does not have ideas for a progressive Malaysia. They remained chained to ethnic politics that is not holding together. They will be unable to appeal to Malaysians at large because such politics cannot today provide justice, fairness and equity for all Malaysians.

Change always emanates from the periphery and its march to the centre takes time. Those who are able to discern the direction and expectations of Malaysians will be able to give momentum and leadership and be part of the new Malaysia that is taking shape. To merely react is to live in the past and be neither progressive or hopeful about the future.

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