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Eat, drink and talk GE13

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It would be good if our VIPs and VVIPs got down from their ivory towers and made their way to the nearest Teh Tarik Stall or the Kopitiam for a cuppa; they would learn the truth and acquire a lot of wisdom, says Tota.

A teh tarik stall - Photograph: Wikipedia
You can learn a lot by hanging out at your local teh tarik stall – Photograph: Wikipedia

GE13 has come and gone. Apart from shameless gerrymandering, serious allegations of vote rigging, ballot stuffing, cheating and fraud have been levelled at the BN.

Amidst all these controversies, the ordinarly people whom Nazri called “Nobodys” at the Teh Tarik Stall and the Kopitiam display a lot of understanding and wisdom in their comments.

It would be good if our VIPs and VVIPs got down from their ivory towers, discarded their luxury cars and got to the ground and took a walk down the road to the nearest Teh Tarik Stall or the Kopitiam for a cuppa; they would learn the truth and acquire a lot of wisdom.

Below are some comments by JP (Joe Public/Jane Public) on GE13:

JP1: The blockheads in Umno can’t understand that a Malaysian tsunami had taken place. They are demonising the Chinese in the mistaken belief that the Chinese betrayed the Umno- dominated BN.

JP2: Umno’s think tank is empty. You can’t expect anything sensible from them. When the Malays vote for Umno, it is not racial. When the Chinese vote for DAP, it’s racial.


JP1: Umno is now reaping the Evil M’s legacy.

JP2: See how Umno venerates him. Look at the amount of print space aned TV time accorded to someone who talks so much nonsense and is such a disruptive force in the country.

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JP3: The Umno chaps have paleolithic minds and it is a case of Ali Baba and his gang supporting one another.


JP1: Umno has become merely a “parti kampung”.

JP2: Umno has successfully duped the kampung folks who are trusting and not well-informed.

JP1: This so-called “fixed deposit” will disappear sooner rather than later when social media and the internet penetrate the rural areas.

JP3: Now you know why Umno is talking about “Parti 1Malaysia” – a multiracial party. If only the Umno dullards had listened to Dato Onn Jaafar more than 60 years ago.


JP1: Umno always talks about a strong government. To them only a government with a two thirds majority is strong.

JP2: The people want a good government comprising intelligent and competent leaders who are not corrupt. Just look at the leadership in Penang and Selangor.

JP3: The likes of these are hard to come by in BN.


JP1: Guan Eng and the DAP retained Penang with a powerful majority because Guan Eng’s wife, Betty went bald to support her husband’s cause.

JP2: Perhaps if Rosmah had gone bald, Najib might have won back Selangor.


Tunku Abdul Aziz has called upon the government to ban the post-GE13 Pakatan rallies to protest against a rotten Election Commission.

JP2: Yes, according to him, these rallies cause havoc and are a threat to national security.

JP3: He is talking nonsense. These huge rallies have been extremely peaceful because of the absence of the police.

JP1: Yes, it is the police who cause trouble at the rallies.

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JP1: According to Najib all those who voted for the Opposition were duped.

JP2: Dia otak tak centre-lah. The educated, intelligent and well-informed in Penang, Selangor, Perak and elsewhere are not that easily duped.

In fact, Umno has successfully duped the rural people who are less well-informed, unsophisticated and extremely trusting.

JP2: Umno’s merciless use of religions and political propaganda has worked well.


JP1: Kit Siang’s appeal to Najib to give Ghani a good joob is both gentlemanly and generous.

It would have been another disaster for Najib if he had brought Ghani and Rustam into the cabinet through the backdoor.

JP3: Not to worry there are plenty of sinecures – at the GLCs, quasi-government bodies etc. to reward discredited, disgraced and discarded politicians.

JP2: At the worst, he can be appointed an ambassador. If someone like JJ can be a special foreign envoy, why not Ghani?


JP1: Some time ago Rustam had the audacity to say that Umno doesn’t need the Chinese and Indians to govern the country.

JP2: Now that he is kicked out as CM, he is whining and accusing the Chinese of being ungrateful.

JP3: Remember, he announced some time ago that Malacca had achieved the status of a fully-developed state.

JP1: A very developed Malacca population has kicked him out. The people duped by the Opposition, mah.


JP1: An Umno goon has said that Najib is Umno’s best product.

JP2: Really? Despite the Altantunya and Scorpene submarine scandals, the theft of jet engines during his watch as Defence Minister, and Deepak’s corruption allegations.

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JP3: Umno’s think-tank is really empty lah.


JP1: Newly-minted Home Minister, Zahid, high on power, is arresting Opposition leaders, dissidents and students for sedition, organising rallies etc.

JP2: And confiscating Harakah, the Rocket and Suara Keadilan.

JP3: I see Evil M’s dirty fingerprints everywhere in these actions.

JP1: It’s Mahathirism all over Mukhriz’s appointment as MB, Kedah is clear proof that Mahathirism is lifting its ugly head again.


JP1: Zahid’s actions in arresting Opposition leaders, dissenters and students on charges of sedition, organising illegal rallies etc. and confiscating Harakah, The Rocket and Suara Keadilan are stupid. It proves that Umno’s survival is more important than democracy, justice, rule of law and fair play.

JP2: It hasn’t dawned on the paleolithic Umno leaders that time have changed and Malaysians dare to dream of a Brave New Malaysia.


JP1: After GE13 Najib called for reconciliation to move the country forward.

JP2: The arresting of Opposition leaders, dissenters, students and confiscating Harakah, The Rocket and the Suara Keadilan is Najib’s brand of reconciliation. – aliran.com

Tota is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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