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How can Muslims become infidels? Don’t be absurd, Harussani!

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P Ramakrishnan takes to task Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria for his preposterous remarks on the Allah controversy.

Harussani Zakaria
Harussani Zakaria

This must be the craziest statement of the century! It is preposterous for the Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria to declare that “Muslims in the country will become infidels if they allow non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah’”.

How on earth can Muslims stop being Muslims because others use the word ‘Allah’? If there was a grain of truth to this absurd claim, then there will be no Muslims in the world!

Is he suggesting that non-Muslims have the power to turn all the Muslims into infidels? Is he proclaiming that Muslims can only be Muslims when non-Muslims stop using the word ‘Allah’? Otherwise they become infidels?

The world ‘Allah’ is used throughout the world without any consequence. Nobody has even ever suggested that the Muslims will lose their faith and become infidels merely because the non-Muslims utter the word ‘Allah’.

By what logic and by what authority does this mufti come to this idiotic conclusion?

If he actually believes in this silly nonsense, then he must be an infidel, according to his reasoning. The word ‘Allah’ is used widely in Malaysia by the non-Muslims – which must have converted him into an infidel. As an infidel, therefore, he has no right to comment on issues concerning Islam!

Malaysians are greatly shocked and flabbergasted by his statement. We have a right to expect words of wisdom to come tumbling from his mouth befitting his position but instead what gushes out is absolute nonsense that betrays how shallow and bereft of logic he is!

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Clearly he is an embarrassment to Islam, which is tolerant, embracing, accommodating and compassionate.

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3 Dec 2013 7.11am

Agreed.So, lets us call only to Allah and nothing else.

18 Nov 2013 2.03pm

Allah is the God of all so all should be free to call on Allah. Muslims who distort the message of the Koran and claim otherwise are doing their own faith an injustice.

Towards a united, just society
Towards a united, just society
17 Oct 2013 10.30am

Just look up the word “Allah” in Wikipedia and you will see that Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Sikhs use the it. The word Allah even pre-dates Islam. How there be a restriction on its use that wipes out its historical context? And even more absurd, is it that easy to become an infidel by just going against a court ruling. What would Allah have to say about the Mufi chasing away his followers? This is all pure Malaysian politics.


Mike Manika
3 Feb 2013 8.38am

any right thinking person will not take his statement seriously. so stop wasting time on his frequent outburst. the nation has more important matters to attend to

Raqib Sofian
Raqib Sofian
3 Feb 2013 7.47am

i think what he meant was if and only if the christians used the term ‘Allah’ in the Bible in Malaysia..especially in the Malay version…the Muslims here are will be easily apostate by the christians..

1 Feb 2013 7.15pm

(Comment deleted due to vulgar language)

najib manaukau
1 Feb 2013 7.57am

This Harussanni has to justify how he got his title of Tan Sri and also display what Tan Sris are
made of ! Nothing inside the thick skull, empty & kosong ! A true reflection of what … Tan Sris are…

1 Feb 2013 2.11am

What right has any God fearing person determine the faith or rights of another fellow being ! We are the laughing stock of the world ! What happened to the word Conscience ! Gone with the Wind !

I can see clearly
I can see clearly
31 Jan 2013 9.13pm

Some people are religious only in name and their title. but not in their heart.
But then some are neither for they are devils in disguse.

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