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Open letter to Zahid

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To survive in Umno, one must believe in Malay hegemony and be steeped in racial thinking. Zahid’s words and actions fulfil all the criteria for survival and upward mobility in the party, says Tota.

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi should quit  - Photograph: Wikipedia
Home Minister Zahid Hamidi should quit – Photograph: Wikipedia

To survive in Umno, one must be an extremist and a racist. One must be a die-hard believer in Malay hegemony, Malay superiority and Ketuanan Melayu. The more inept and more inefficient one is, the more he must be so to progress in the party.

In addition avoid talking about Constitutional provisions of equality, including gender equality. Avoid talking about human rights and civil rights and liberties. Do not talk about separation of powers among the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature. Do not talk about rule of law but rather rule by law. Do not talk about an independent judiciary.

Zahid, your words and actions fulfil all the criteria for not only survival but upward mobility in Umno, given the apparent and level of IQ among most Umno members. You accused the non-Malays of lack of patriotism because you alleged that they are not keen to join the armed forces. The fact is that Islamofascists in every layer of the government sector are calling the shots.

To begin with your tiny brain could not envisage selecting and promoting people based on merit. You could not think of all interview and promotion boards fairly consisting of 50 per cent Malays and 50 per cent non-Malays to redress the problem. If this were done I bet you that many non-Malays will join the armed forces. First, make the playing field level.

You told the non-Malays and those who supported the Pakatan Rakyat in the last elections to leave the country if they were unhappy. Get it into your head that non-Malays work their butts out and pay 90 per cent of the taxes. If these wealth creators leave, you and your colleagues will have to beg for alms to survive! The non-Malays obey the laws of the land and during the Emergency laid down their lives in the defence of the country. So do not talk bull.

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In commenting on the post-GE13 505 rallies, you said that the silent majority did not approve of them. Get it into your head that the BN government is a minority government having won only 47 per cent of the popular vote. If not for the shameless gerrymandering, Umno-led BN would have been dumped in the political dustbin! Get into your head too that the vocal majority clamouring for change is with the Pakatan Rakyat.

After Najib, you became the Defence Minister, in which job you were a total failure. You spent your time on arms procurement for obvious reasons. The Scorpene submarine scandal is testimony to the corruption in the Defence Ministry. Yet you had the audacity to stand up in Parliament and say that all arms deals are transparent and are done in an accountable way. Really?

Why was Razak Baginda, who probably cannot tell the difference between the bow and stern of a submarine, appointed as a middleman and Perimekar, a firm controlled by him and his associate, allegedly paid RM534m as ‘commission’ (or ‘support services’ or whatever you call it)? You and your cohorts have been going after Suaram for getting the French authorities to investigate the alleged corruption.

Your utter failure to defend the Sabah coast resulted in the Sulu invasion. This is a severe indictment of your inefficiency, irresponsibility and stupidity. When the invasion occurred you colluded and connived with another first class “goon”, Hishammuddin, to send policemen to oust the invaders! The poor policemen, ill-prepared and ill-equipped for the task, paid with their lives for your stupidity.

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In any other truly democratic country with a free press, you would have been heavily criticised and forced to resign. Lahad Datu would have been your political graveyard.

The government-controlled press totally misinformed the rakyat and put out the story that the invaders were completely surrounded and that they would be finished off within a matter of days. Then two days later, we were told that two policemen were killed 65km away from where they landed.

When the situation got out of control the air force and soldiers were despatched. Given the marksmenship of the airforce there was no surprise that their soldiers killed no Sulus but made our own soldiers victims. For the noble efforts to paint the Umno-dominated government as efficient, three reporters were recently given awards.

In 2006, you allegedly assaulted businessman Amir Bazli Abdullah at the Country Heights Recreation Club in Kajang and broke his nose. According to Amir, a chief inspector recorded his statement over three days. He was transferred from Cheras Hospital to Kelantan. The police went to see him there and also obtained his medical report.

Four months later, upon inquiry, the police officer was apologetic over police inaction and told him that his case was NFA – No Further Action because of “arahan dari atas”. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know who gave the “arahan”.

In any truly democratic country, a political party with principles, integrity and class would have thrown you out for your thuggish behaviour but in rotten Umno you are riding high. Amir filed a suit against you in July 2007. Had your case gone to court Karpal Singh would probably have taken your pants off your back and had you convicted on a criminal charge.

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You realised Umno elections were coming and if this happened, you would be barred from contesting for a post. You took fright and this may have prompted you to come to an out-of-court settlement sans the presence of Karpal!

Right thinking Malaysians perceive you as a clueless clod with regards to human rights and civil rights and liberties, going by your pronouncements on the necessity for the Prevention of Crime Act. You demonised the Chinese and Indians whom you blamed for a whole host of Malay problems. By keeping their mouths shut the MCA, the MIC and Gerakan once again proved that they are political eunuchs.

Your “shoot to kill” statement actually proves Waythamoorthy right in alleging that police were trigger happy in killing five Indian alleged criminals. You told Waythamoorthy to resign for his statement. Now it is Waythamoorthy’s turn to tell you to resign from the Cabinet but he has gone into silent mode unfortunately.

Socrates said, “Know thyself”. Invest in a good mirror and you will see what you are. Do the nation a favour. Get lost.

Tota is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed Online section.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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25 Dec 2013 8.19pm

Wow! This writer is perfectly qualify as political analyst to me ,by judging the words he used to described,from the perspective points he gathered to summarized how this Zahid comedy as a person is………cheer buddy Tota…simply marverlous ……..

Raja Cholan
Raja Cholan
21 Oct 2013 12.15pm

revenue from oil is forbidden
removed from plantations, dwellings, schools, crèches, temples and political representations gone
plucked off from government departments
controlled entry into private entities
deprived seats in higher education
hawking not permitted
temples destroyed
recreational fields closed
segregated in schools
burial grounds neglected
information curtailed
aspirations derailed
sportsmanship killed
culture, language, religion etc copied
historical and civilization facts buried
contributions forgotten
media don’t bother
openly thrown into the coliseum consisting of banglas,indonesians,mynmars and others
for survival
MIC bartered the Indians for personal power.
cheated, bartered, misguided , under represented, cornered ,hoodwinked, threatened and disillusioned,
Wake up !!!!!!!

Ed G
Ed G
18 Oct 2013 10.36am

Zahid’s actions and words are totally out-of-line with Najib’s attempt of wanting to be seen as a popular, progressive, liberal and in-touch with the latest global development. This fella seems to be taking some limelight (or control?) away from the PM; appearing to be firmly rooted in the driver’s seat when certain issues are concerned. And what has Najib to do or say about this? Nothing but giving his not so enthusiastic nod or even pretending to be disinterested by going about with daily high-profiled activities. Has a deal been struck between some parties in UMNO to allow Najib to continue as PM with the condition of ceding some of his authorities to the more hawkish section?

najib manaukau
18 Oct 2013 7.46am

His shoot to kill is very simple – dead men don’t tell the truth and the police can then brand them as criminals even though they are yet to be proven to be criminals. I am not in the least surprise of this home minister’s statement.. A typical statement coming from an Umno scaramouch, how he is appointed as the home minister is beyond me !

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