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Penangites are not cheapskates!

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While the BN threw parties to buy our votes, Penangites were wise enough not to buy into their dirty tricks, reports Pro-change.

Clear up the 1Malaysia mess in Penang, Teng
Clear up the 1Malaysia mess in Penang, Teng

I am a Penangite, and this is an account of what I went through over the last one month in Penang during the election period.

I was on the ground during the mega ceramahs and as I spoke to people around me, this is what I gathered.

Penangites wanted:

• leaders who recognise the importance of free and fair elections;
• leaders who listen to the will of the people;
• a level playing field for all candidates;
• leaders who take corruption seriously and were ready to act on it;
• leaders who look at us as Malaysians and not through racial/religious lens.

These are the main reasons tens of thousands of Penangites flocked to listen to the Pakatan leaders in Penang. And ultimately, gave the Pakatan the mandate to form the Penang government for another five years.

Grab them like candy!
Grab them like candy!

Simultaneously, Penangites also got an overdose of BN’s campaign antics:

• Free food, beer and dancing girls which brought out the worst in some people;
• Nightmarish traffic jams all around Penang due to closure of roads with all those street parties hosted under the 1Malaysia banner;
• Free petrol vouchers, movie tickets and even lottery tickets (to be claimed if BN won in Penang);
• The arrival of superstar singers from Korea, Hong Kong and the US to serenade Penangites under the 1 Malaysia banner;
• The arrival of a bankrupt developer and a young billionaire punk who were throwing money at us.

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Penangites were revolted! We were totally aghast at the low-down dirty tactics of the BN. From the folks at the market to the urban professionals, we knew that the BN under the 1Malaysia banner was rotten and corrupt. The election results in Penang speak for itself.

To BN, do not take Penangites as fools and insult our intelligence any further. Do not ever have the audacity to throw money at us. Just because BN cannot offer Penangites what we want, they instead turn to racism. We are ahead of BN in their nasty game.

Teng Chang Yeow, before your last service centre closes, clean up the mess you have left behind especially the disgusting 1Malaysia flags that have ruined our state (see picture above).

Pro-change is the pseudonym of a Penang-based Aliran reader.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Supporter from Sabah
Supporter from Sabah
19 May 2013 1.55pm

Yss sir, proof enough’

Here in Sabah they used lots of BN friendly NGOs to organise events and gave free bags of rice to elderly folks, free lucky draw tickets, and milions of allocations to these NGOs who then invite the BN candidates and ex minnisters to speak at the events..

real cheap bribery

19 May 2013 2.46am

Wah, so much freebies ah… Must move to Penang next time….

12 May 2013 5.32pm

Wayne is definitely not from Penang, all of us here felt disgusted the way BN (arrogant Teng) created the mess here.

11 May 2013 5.26pm

Hey Wayne, don’t speak on behalf of all Malaysian. You are not elected as their spokesman man! Your remarks should deserve more harsh responses but well the readers and Penangites are a well-mannered lot. We are matured enough to just give good intention advice without lowering our level. Cheers. Btw, I love the last sentence of the writer. 🙂

9 May 2013 9.39pm

Dear Wayne,the writer was writing as a Penangite who was looking at things happening on the ground in Penang. He DID NOT mention anything about other Malaysians since it was article about Penang. Nothing was mentioned about Penang not being a part of Malaysia.Did you ACTUALLY read the article or just had to make an ignorant comment?

The whistleblower
The whistleblower
9 May 2013 8.42pm

If Geh Choh Hun comes to your shops, ask him to leave….

9 May 2013 11.15am


chill, man. what’s the matter with you? got up on the wrong side of bed. If you’re from penang, then you’re a penangite. if you’re from selangor, you’re a selangorean. ditto johor etc etc. or is this because it felt like a hollow victory? the penang experience is hardly a mockery to malaysians. you want mockery, you only need to look at how the election is conducted.

9 May 2013 2.12am

Penangites? Don’t forget Penang is part of Malaysia. Don’t behave like Penang is a country. All Malaysians have a dignity not only for Penang people. This article is mockery for all Malaysians.

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
9 May 2013 12.45am

Yes Penangites can hold their heads high! They cannot be bribed by the 1M crony NGO! BN can only resort to ‘buying’ votes, but Pg are repulsed by such obscene tactics!

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