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Take a vote of confidence urgently and spare us more misery

Why does the PM need weeks and months to show he has the support?

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The prime minister has an obvious, urgent and simple duty to fulfil. He must just do it!

For the love of the nation, he has to hold the confidence vote now. He just has to convene Parliament specifically for a vote of confidence and be done with it. Don’t hold us all hostage.

If he can prove he has a majority in Parliament, even if by a thin margin, the nation would fall behind him and fight the war on Covid together.

We never said no. Even though we are unhappy he came into power undemocratically, he should at least show us he has majority support in Parliament. It is so simple.

What is holding him back? Why does he need weeks and months to show he has the support? We want to get on with the fierce battles ahead of us to resolve the health and economic crises.

If he truly wants to stay steadfast to his promise to “save the nation”, then go by the rules and play fair on the field. We will then applaud his successes and forgive his failures.

But if he cannot call for a vote of confidence urgently, he cannot blame anyone for not working with him. Do not threaten the people with batons and water cannons if they were to protest.

What is the problem? Doesn’t he want to prove his critics wrong?

He said publicly he had enough support. He even told that to the Agong in private.

So if he wants the people to believe him, he just has to call for a vote tomorrow.

Cunning politicians and gullible citizens to blame for failing nation

The knee-jerk responses to the mounting infections and fatalities, the near collapse of our health care system, the shattering economic situation and the social pains including the rising suicide rate – all these have their roots in politicians who claim to lead this nation and in the gullible people who keep putting them there. 

Year after year, decade after decade, we keep these same old cunning politicians in office.

In the private sector, those who do not perform according to agreed standards and goals are fired. No mercy. Employees have to slog and earn their keep on their own merit. 

Salary increments and bonuses are strictly commensurate with employees’ performance measured yearly or half-yearly.  

But look at our politicians. Not that I expect politicians to be paupers, but name me one poor politician, and I will change my opinion.  

All many of these politicians need are just three words – race, religion, royalty – to survive and reap the benefits. Being in politics with cunning agendas of self-interest and person gain seems to be the primary aim of these politicians.

What is so special about these humans who walk on our land like guardians who are godsend? Their salaries, perks, rewards, golden handouts, lifetime guarantees on the job, and privileges will make politicians in progressive democracies vomit krypton. 

What have they delivered? Towering mega-structures? A network of tolled roads? A track record for attracting questionable foreign investments that reap profits at the expense of the land and its people? 

Some gullible people seem to adore these politicians whose failures are whitewashed. 

‘You can fake the whole country but you cannot trick God’ remains the only soothing balm for those who wake up to this reality of Malaysian politics. 

Many ordinary people have sunk into helplessness, hopelessness and disillusionment. Many others remain gullible, accepting the crumbs thrown into their lap.  

This then is what is destroying us in the wake of the pandemic. Not just the virus on its own deadly merit.  

The Covid bug thrives on the weaknesses of any society, ie is unpreparedness and inability to take decisive action. The result: social and economic suffering, which falls squarely on the people. 

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