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This bankrupt, brokering, backdoor government must go now

The PM's olive branch is nothing more than a ‘please save me and I will reward you' offer

The election losers are now ruling the nation - Photograph: Bernama/Malay Mail

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The prime minister had the audacity to go on national television yesterday to offer a deal to stay in power.

Not only did his government come to rule through the back door, but it is now clear he is bankrupt of support to cling on to power.

A government that is bankrupt of power, brokers on in an unprincipled manner – it had actually dumped democratic rule by taking power through the back door – and has no more reason or justification to remain in power any longer.

First things first. You came to power through a bloodless coup that left millions of voters bleeding in our hearts. We lost our legitimate, democratically elected government.

Second, for the sake of our King and country, despite our displeasure, we gave you the benefit of doubt to try to “save the nation”, as you pledged.

But today, after 17 months, as you stand naked before us with failure upon failure, you still have the unprincipled disposition to offer positions and power to those who will jump over to your minority position – so that you can continue as prime minister?

Your olive branch is nothing more than a ‘please save me and I will reward you’ offer. This even a high school student will tell you.

Enough. Enough said and done. As the world reports your national television address, we are only further shamed in the eyes of the democratic world.

The enormous health, social, economic and political failures have forced the nation and the people into a tight corner, gasping and fighting for their rights, their freedom, their lives and livelihoods. But the bitter truth is you and your world’s largest and highly paid cabinet have failed.

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Please step down. Stop taunting us. Cease teasing our constitutional monarch. Enough of manipulating our Federal Constitution.

The country is not yours to ‘save’. That is the people’s responsibility through their democratically elected government, whose term expires in 2023.

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15 Aug 2021 3.44pm

To donate for such an article is a waste of time. Article with no content and substance and only ranting randomly. Please shut down your association, Malaysia will be better off without you. Goodness sake.

Celine Dcruz
Celine Dcruz
14 Aug 2021 11.54am

I have no confidence in any ruling parties unless the drastic change for a Prime Minister to be elected from multi racial group, all thieves should be behind bars. It is taking too long. I also prefer our PM he came in during the pandemic bad timing but he is doing a good job with his team

14 Aug 2021 11.36am

Better bankrupt government than government that will bankrupt the country aka PH

14 Aug 2021 11.19am

No need laa.. I’m happy w/ the current PM & the govt has been cracking their head to help the people.. STOP making nonsense remark

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