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JUST STOP IT. The country needs reforms – not stupidity!

To be deliberately stupid goes against the fundamental teachings of Islam


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Islam (and all other religions) is about kindness and forgiveness.

But lately, certain Malaysian Muslims have been deliberately unkind and unforgiving. They have tarnished the good name of Islam.

They have brought extreme anxiety to those of us who represent the compassion of Islam and humanity.

Those of us who live our lives in moderation and inclusiveness, who accommodate difference, and work towards ‘saving’ Malaysia’s social vibrancy and plurality, will keep striving, DESPITE you.

But it has been very, very difficult amid all these distractions and irritations.

Apart from transgressing kindness and forgiveness, you errant Malaysian Muslims (and too many among our leadership) have desecrated Allah’s fundamental message to humanity.

You have deliberately rejected reason and rationality.

In other words, to be deliberately STUPID goes against the fundamental teachings of Islam.

Lastly, the string of recent events in the country has further divided the nation along ethno-religious lines. These were instigated by evil politicians.

And to enable such events during the month of Ramadan is unconscionable.


To create unrest in the name of power, politics and self-interest is evil. It is hard to believe such acts are done in the name of faith and spirituality, which is what you’d like us to believe.

Rather, many of us are disgusted by the current slew of deviant politicians who lord over us. We are equally horrified at so many others among the public who have no minds of their own.

They are easily influenced. They are mentally phlegmatic, apathetic and lazy.

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They have shown how easy it is to be mentally manipulated. They are swayed by the deviant thinking of these so-called defenders of Islam.

May Allah forgive the lot of you.

And may Allah guide the deviants back to the path of reform.

The country needs reforms, not stupidity.

Selamat Hari Raya.

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Lam Kee Hing
Lam Kee Hing
11 Apr 2024 1.34pm

Sharifah, your is a refreshing courageous voice You have hit the nail on the head. Malaysia needs more strong and firm voices like yours in the public space. Thank you for speaking up

Teo Jimmy
Teo Jimmy
11 Apr 2024 6.42am

Fantastic,we need more progressive Malays to lead and create a positive impact for Malaysia Success,there is a Will,there is a Way,I am willing to contribute my little crazy idea

Stephen Nah
Stephen Nah
9 Apr 2024 4.44pm

Hard hitting and beautifully assessed Dr Munirah. Indeed these political clowns are So idiotic, petty, nonsensical, irrational and at best irrelevant & irresponsible. Why don’t they learn fr progressive people n help make our country better, technologicaly more advance n people happy n united. People like you gives us hope..though

Goh Michael
Goh Michael
9 Apr 2024 12.49pm

The 16th. YDP Agong wanted the unity government to succeed and so also his brother rulers but there are evil forces in this country that want to see this government fail and it looks like they’re doing a good job of it all

9 Apr 2024 12.06pm

Bravo! So refreshing to read your posting Sharifah Munirah Alatas. Malaysian need to hear more of your views!

Pajan Singh
Pajan Singh
9 Apr 2024 12.02pm

Sharifah! What you have commented about-I hope we(Mlysns)-will try to understand and Comply! Religion and Fanaticsm-we should realise that they do not go together! I wish to thank you for your Good advise!

9 Apr 2024 11.56am

It’s people like you who keep us loving everyone in Malaysia.

Tris W
Tris W
9 Apr 2024 11.32am

Government’s inaction is the catalyst to the viral stupidly of some selfish people who capitalised religion for their own popularity!

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