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The next big change: Time is ripe for Anwar to take over

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Two decades after Reformasi, it is time to liberate Malaysia from the clutches of politics skewed by race and religion, says JD Lovrenciear.

The country is almost grinding to a slow haul as businesses exercise caution. People are also more careful about spending money.

The workspace is also being punctuated with casual talk of what is going to be the next big change in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the media’s stalking of MPs and politicians is adding to fever-pitch speculation, fake news, denials and amateurish rebuttals from certain politicians.

The country is at another big crossroads. This time it is the for and against blocs over who our eighth prime minister will be.

Putting aside fear and favour, prejudices and judgements, the eighth prime minister has got to be Anwar Ibrahim. That would be the fulfilment of and a moral obligation to abide by a gentlemen’s agreement.

It would be the fruition of a long struggle under the clarion call that all Malaysians could relate to quite easily, namely, “Reformasi”.

Certain politicians, from both ruling and opposition blocs, need to be told that anyone other then Anwar would put the country on a tailspin.

The true kingmakers do not wield political clout, but they will hold pencil to paper come the next general election.

Behind all this jostling and the desperate attempts to sidestep the rakyat’s hopes, there perhaps runs a deeper, even more sinister move to raid the larder of the nation to bolster political power and control. Such moves must be stopped before it is too late.

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The confirmation of Anwar as the eighth PM will depend on how fast the brakes can be pulled before the political largesse is spilt for full public view.

Any further delays to his taking over the leadership will only increase the risk factors, given Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s advancing age.

The time is ripe to urgently liberate Malaysia from the clutches of politics skewed by race and religion. And the man of hour is Anwar Ibrahim.

Because we allowed the Anwar opportunity to slip through our fingers previously, we ended up with two prime ministers who ultimately had to be removed by the citizens.

Let not history repeat itself.

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