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The Quintessence of Nature


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Did you notice raindrops
bouncing away and
disappearing into the
pavement to quench
living earth
Did you also see how rivers
remain steadfast… yet its
waters run wild to meet
the deep blue sea

Have you wondered why
leaves quiver in the sun
And you think it’s the gusty
Might as well be a weary
eagle busy straightening
its ruffled feathers

Were you not attracted to
that flirty butterfly
dancing its merry ways
Flapping its rainbow-
coloured wings whilst
sipping sweet nectar
from heavenly flowers
And at that very moment…
the world stood still
Mesmerised by such
enchanting grace and
So calmness reigns … and
nagging problems frozen
in time

Were you shaken by the
explosive flashes of
thunder bolts lambasting
the still of the night
As darkness fought hard to
reclaim its precious space
Yet you were transfixed with
fear and hope
The very quintessence of
Nature tapping on your
uneasy shoulders

And holy scriptures
proclaiming that such
eternal Beauty and
Majesty never left us
For truth dwells deep within
the recesses of our subtle
illuminating hearts
Twirling and transforming
the cascades of atomic
energies to define Reality
beyond reality

At every moment of the day
we glimpse the moving
image of Eternity passing
our way
A solemn reminder of our
role as vicegerents of
The Al-Mighty
Balancing life beyond this
material world

So we fine-tuned our moral
compass as we imbue the
tranquillity and wisdom
of Mother Nature
May we experience the
happenings upon the
And reflect upon our
primordial consciousness
until we know that’s the

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Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim received a PhD in international nutrition from Cornell University. He served as the first chairman of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) for 23 years (1996-2019) and as the Selangor State Legislative Assembly member for Kota Damansara (2008-2013). These days, he enjoys writing poems, painting and playing the harmonica
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Sheila Devaraj
Sheila Devaraj
13 Aug 2023 8.41am

Makes us stop n appreciate the beauty of nature. Also how fragile it is

9 Jul 2023 10.52pm

Beautiful poem that calls us to appreciate the wonder of creation and its creator

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