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To those who don’t want to stay home

Sketch by Aliran member Wong Soak Koon

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Let’s lose the tidak-apa attitude and do our part by not going out and just stay at home, says Adrian Lee in an open letter. 

Dear Malaysians who refuse to stay at home and must go out

If you are reading this in Malaysia, outside your home, in the shopping mall or at the beach between 18 and 14 April, just what are you doing outside!? GO HOME and STAY HOME!

Unless you’re out buying essential items or foodstuff, visiting a doctor or working in the essential industries (or maybe ferrying your spouse to or from work), you do not have a valid reason to be outside. GO HOME and STAY HOME!

This is not the opportunity to catch up with friends, have teh tarik sessions, attend kenduris or parties, make the long trip back to your hometowns, exercise alone or in groups or bring children out grocery shopping. Why so stubborn? GO HOME and STAY HOME!

Don’t worry, we know that you’re an equally important member of society. Don’t worry, society and the nation would still continue to function even when you are at home. The world does not revolve around you and you alone. GO HOME and STAY HOME!

Don’t say I dunno, I’m not subjected to the movement control order; the coronavirus is miles away in other countries; I am strong and immune to viruses or this could only happen to someone else. GO HOME and STAY HOME!

Unless you’ve not been receiving the terabytes of daily WhatsApp messages, newsflash: the coronavirus is in Malaysia and is spreading quickly because Malaysians just can’t resist the urge to be outside of their homes and assemble. GO HOME and STAY HOME!

You should already know that the country is going through one of its worst crises in decades and that our country is one of the worst hit Covid-19 countries in the world.

No, this isn’t a cause for celebration, neither is it time to shout “Malaysia Boleh!” Do not throw your hands into the air. Do not be proud of this. To be honest, this isn’t an achievement, neither is it something to be proud of.

Let’s not aim to be number one. That is something we don’t want. Let’s work together to bring the numbers of those affected to zero. For once, let’s not be on any list.

As the whole nation is subjected to the movement control order, everyone in Malaysia is subjected to this. Do obey the government order, for this isn’t the best time to be rebellious.

If you choose not to stay at home and be defiant because of political reasons, now is certainly not the right time to do so. Save your rhetoric and prove your point another time. Be focused on working together to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Just why are you finding it hard to stay at home? Why are you even complaining about staying at home? Isn’t staying at home and working from home a dream come true for you?

Bored? Do some good by donating money to organisations that need them. No, don’t use this as an excuse to go to the bank. The internet still works, so use internet banking. Or just think of your boss and the work that you are supposed to be doing in the office.

Hungry? Didn’t you already stock up on the lifetime supply of instant noodles, vegetables, and fresh chicken. Bored and hungry? Be creative, go online and search for Chef Ramsay’s recipe videos. Or perhaps we should get him to yell at you, “STAY AT HOME!”

Lonely? Well, the internet provides many creative ways for companionship. I’m talking about “On-nomi” – the trend of online drinking with friends while in self quarantine.  

Tired? Well, remember the traffic jams that you’ve had to endure on the way from work, to work, to fetch your children?Still feeling tired?

Children? This is also your golden opportunity to fulfil the “I wish I could spend more quality time with my children” thought. Don’t they all grow up so quickly? Read a book together.

Spouse? Unless you’re worried about your secret other-other half, then this is the best time to rekindle the flame of your romance. Remember, for better or for worse?  

Just must gossip? Postpone the need to sit in coffee shops and gossip. Pick up a new hobby: sift through all the fake news and hoaxes and delete them from your WhatsApp groups.

Must exercise? Remember how Jane Fonda revolutionised home exercising? Go online and search for the many online videos for exercising at home. Or just clean your house!

Too much time? Pickup your phone and make a video about washing your hands properly. Join in the wave of creative videos about educating others about the importance of hygiene.

No classes? Dear students… seriously?! Assignment deadlines are still there though.

Loss of income? The government needs to introduce and make people aware of more initiatives, stimulus packages, discount and waivers. Employers too need to provide necessary aid and support for affected employees. Help them – for without employees, there is no company.

Let’s just stay home, for this is the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The less contact you have with others, the less chance for the virus to spread to others.

Your golden opportunity to catch up on sleep, binge watch your favourite series and spend quality family time is here. No need to go out to see what’s happening-lah! Really want to know what’s outside? Over 1,500 reported cases of Covid-19. Still want to go out?

Let’s help the frontliners in healthcare, law enforcement, finance, transport and all the unsung heroes who are working to ensure that society continues to function and save us from Covid-19. Malaysia says thank you.

Let’s lose the tidak-apa attitude and do our part by not going out and just stay at home.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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