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Tragicomedy – end of the road for MP for Pekan?

Photograph: The Star

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Perhaps it was our fault for electing and promoting such a mediocre personality despite early warning signs, writes Dominic Damian.

The barbed jokes levelled against Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu by the MP for Pekan not so long ago is a lesson on why we should never elect to Parliament a global ‘superstar’ of the wrong kind.

He and his cohorts have contaminated and weakened the new opposition. The ex-prime minister was a liability to his own party and the opposition generally. Just this one deficient individual makes Parliament look like a defective institution.

This is bitter lesson to us of how less-than-prudent choices of elected reps are now coming home to roost. There must be a constructive mechanism of some sort to bar MPs with serious charges hanging over their heads. They must never be allowed into Parliament to exert any kind of influence over public perception.

How can we accept in Parliament someone whose ‘shining’ industry and obsession for senselessness is now the stuff of legends? Then again, there could be a few more strategic twists in his life that we, as his previously trampled upon underlings, have failed to grasp.

Isn’t it puzzling why he tried so hard to be the smartest? Yet his best efforts seemed to fall flat on his face: he is seen as an abject dismal failure. It is an enigma as to why he was working at a feverish pitch to stay relevant; yet he forgot that he is our living nightmare, the bogeyman we endured all these years. The tragedy in this comedy is that he seemed totally clueless and oblivious to it.

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I unreservedly raise my hands in guilt as one of the culprits mocking him. Just the mere mention of his name draws uncontrollable hysterical laughter from anyone I know. Total strangers are immediately bonded on any subject matter related to him. Even some children laugh at this man – and yet he doesn’t get it!

I have never come across an individual who is so reviled and loathed; yet he has the audacity to try and extricate himself and get on with the show. His astonishing energy is like that of a clown who works hard with relentless obsession and pride at excelling in the ridiculous.

Maybe this is a mystifying sign of a failed genius playing the victim to shame and exhaust us as he produces dribs and drabs of fluid stupidity. He seems to have this peculiar fetish for blabbering utter nonsense, bumbling from one speech to the next with all kinds of amazing mumbo jumbo to draw sympathy, applause and affection.

Perhaps it is our fault for electing and promoting such a mediocre personality despite early warning signs.

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