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Umno and Pas, learn to live and let live

Why not use this breakthrough verdict to work hard at repairing the image, reputation and honour of the country in the eyes of the world

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It looks as if Umno and Pas politicians are fuelling a vehement push in the wake of a recent High Court ruling on the use of certain words by non- Muslims like the word Allah.

They want to go to the Court of Appeal pula!

It took decades for this basic human right matter to plough through the Palace of Justice, with the High Court finally bringing a logical, honourable and respectful closure to the case.

Instead of embracing the national relief that the judges brought about, these political wannabees want to mess it up all over again.

Yes, you can clamour that justice is not justice until you have exhausted all avenues of the court system.

But this is not a serious criminal case. This is about a politically brewed concoction that finally has broken free from the fangs of exploiting politicians and their emissaries.

So why can’t Umno and Pas leaders use this breakthrough verdict to work hard at repairing the image, reputation and honour of the country in the eyes of the world? Why can’t they echo the general sentiment shared by all peace-loving people who embrace humanity?

It appears Umno and Pas will carry on with their convoluted, diabolical agenda to remain relevant.

But remember, the ballot box is not far away.

Many Malaysians irrespective of their faiths have indicated they want to be like other moderate, open-minded, progressive nations and people.

Please stop punching more holes in our multi-religious society. You have done enough harm these past decades to the people.

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You would be better off purging the nation of corruption. After all, the underlying spirit of religions impose that obligatory duty on us.

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loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
26 Mar 2021 9.26am

JD, what you are preaching is to the rakyat who have have high hopes for the deposed PH administration.
Neither UMNo nor PAS care a hoot, what happens to our nation.
For them, clinging on to power, by whatever means possible is fair game.
It matters not that our nation is the laughing stock of the rational world by declaring the word Allah as the exclusive right of Muslims.
What a sad joke!

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