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Umno deputy president’s rant is hilarious

Mohamad Hasan won the Rantau by-election yesterday

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The truth is, all ethnic groups have their own share of rich and poor people, writes Sharp Observer.

The Umno deputy president’s rant in which he rubbished claims of discrimination by pointing to rich non-Malays is hilarious and without any empirical basis.

No point just pointing out the rich; he should instead provide statistics including ownership percentages.

In any case, Bukit Bintang business owners bought their premises with their hard-earned money, not with government handouts or money siphoned off from funds meant for the rakyat.

So if there are rich Chinese and Indians, does that mean there are no rich Malays at all? The truth is, all ethnic groups have their own share of rich and poor people. It is not a matter of one race being richer than the others.

Of course, many businesses are controlled by Chinese Malaysians, but then many multinational firms, crucial industries in Malaysia are controlled by the government, and it follows many are led if not controlled by Malays.

For every Bill Gates, there are millions of impoverished folks living in abject poverty. For each Michael Dell, there are millions of people who live on a subsistence level.

This is a story of many, just like me – nothing to shout about and yet nothing to be ridiculed for either – a tale of unfulfilled promises.

I had big ambitions when I was younger; I wanted to be famous and rich. Doesn’t everyone?

I thought working hard and honestly would be enough and would bring just returns. I was born in a family of eight. We were poor – and had to make do with vegetables from the garden. No television, no fan in the house. No meat days for days on end.

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My father’s pension was only sufficient for basic stuff. But as my sister was studying for a medical degree overseas, we did not have much left to live on.

Some said my father was loony for wanting his daughter to be a doctor when no else from our small town even had a son doing that. But my father was persistent. The fruit of his persistence is to be seen now: his daughter retired as a successful head of a government hospital.

Me – I did not wish to become a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. My parents said no to my being a lawyer; they were concerned about the ethical dilemma lawyers constantly have to face.

So I chose to be an accountant. I thought that was where the money would be. Yes, it is where the money is – but much of the money is with a select few, chosen by nepotism, pigmentation and downright bigotry.

Alas, we do not set the rules. God sure has a masterplan; we just don’t know about it yet.

Sharp Observer is the pseudonym of regular follower of Aliran.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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2 Jan 2019 10.07am

A fool gave his chair to a fool & that fool gave it to another fool. UMNO full of Super fools.

Nariko Fengl
1 Jan 2019 9.19am

How to measure how stupid and brainless he is?

RJ Manecksha
1 Jan 2019 1.00am

It’s no wonder that he heads UMNO 🤪

Barney Muthu
31 Dec 2018 11.33am

This idiot does not know what GLCs are for. No wonder UMNO lost. Having imbeciles like this what can on expect.

Raymond Loh
31 Dec 2018 4.35am

That’s how the Malays mentality of under siege and entitlement continues to fester and grow. From this constant bs* spewed from the mouths of so called Malay leaders from both opposition and the govt that the Malays interests and survival need protecting.

Kam Chee Ng
31 Dec 2018 12.08am

No money how to run the party?where can he get the donation from Arab?Please ask ah Jib how to get money to become cash is king

Ravinder Singh
30 Dec 2018 10.30pm

A simple measure are CARS – look at the cars many Malays drive!

Woo Chee Seng
31 Dec 2018 7.15am
Reply to  Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh even the ladies drive SUVs! I can only afford the basic Myvi! Am I rich? These … are … liars!

Lim Oon Tin
30 Dec 2018 10.20pm

Real no brainer!!

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