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Unprecedented scenes in Parliament – and PM just walks away

Mahiaddin Yasin and his cabinet members not only failed parliamentary democracy but they have also put the country in poor light

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Today, we witnessed shameful scenes in Parliament. What transpired was unprecedented in our nation’s history.

The shocks delivered by the government during the proceedings cannot be dismissed lightly. Many questions are already flooding social media as people grapple with the unprecedented events.  

And then, the prime minister walks away from Parliament without answering critical questions and being held accountable, as would be expected in a parliamentary democracy.

The Perikatan Nasional government’s backdoor revocation of the emergency ordinances raises critical constitutional issues. By not tabling the motion to revoke the ordinances in Parliament, the government has sullied our parliamentary democracy.

In this chaos, Umno, while fuming against the many failures of Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin when outside Parliament appeared to be strangely indifferent inside the House.

Many had held their breath, hoping the PN government would account for its actions during the emergency when Parliament was suspended.

But no, Mahiaddin and his cabinet members not only failed parliamentary democracy but they have also put the country in poor light.

This is not the way forward. This is not the Malaysia built on the back of six decades of pain and sacrifices by ordinary people.

We have a moral responsibility to demand that Mahiaddin should resign, disband his motley crew and seek forgiveness from the suffering people of this land.

Anything less would be unacceptable. We must defend Malaysia from those bent on eroding our democracy.

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Phua Kai Lit
5 Aug 2021 9.08am

Progressive politicians in DAP should not be defeatist or politically naive. Have you not read your Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, Machiavelli ?
PH must work quickly on a shadow Cabinet and an alternative programme (lay it out clearly in an updated Manifesto) first. Let the kleptos of Bersatu and UMNO Baru fight and weaken each other. Be prepared to win federal power and once this has been achieved, hit the ground running in the implementation of your Manifesto. Never let Dr M the pseudo-reformist be in the driver’s seat again, even if you ally with him in a political marriage of convenience.
This is what politics is all about — gain power and implement your vision and plans.
The status quo is killing Malaysians (literally) and the economy.

Azlan Haris
Azlan Haris
30 Jul 2021 1.14am

All the scheming did not run up as expected

26 Jul 2021 11.09pm

Sounds like a headless Govt, with a frightened clueless PM…
We really need to restart…

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