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Vanity of vanities! Feeding on the caviar of opulence

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There is a stark dissonance between the basic needs of the ordinary people and the decadence of the elite, writes Dominic Damian.

The comments by the honourable deputy speaker of Parliament that Malaysia intends to make Kuwait’s parliamentary system as one of its benchmarks are mind-boggling.

“Facilities at the parliament in Kuwait include a seven-star hotel, and a member of parliament is given three minutes to speak without interruption from others because their microphones will be switched off.”

To have a seven-star hotel for Parliament is as profane in its stupidity as it can ever get.

Citizens are languishing in anguish and struggle – and then we hear this brilliant masterpiece. Way to go! The ordinary people struggle while the “YBs” need all the perks and conveniences they can get.

Intimidation of Orang Asli

Photograph: Peka Malaysia Facebook

On 20 July, we had three three Orang Asli arrested in Sungai Papan for manning a blockade along the route to their ancestral land. This corrosive intimidation of the vulnerable is a tactic that keeps repeating itself. It is a disturbing and distasteful thought.

Is our security so frail, fragile and compromised? Is it so difficult to do what is right for the Orang Asli? Are they lesser citizens?

Why are the alleged trespassers not arrested or prosecuted? Imagine a robber or intruder breaches the security of our home and we the aggrieved are arrested.

Who are the ones who allegedly trespassed? Are they so powerful that their names cannot be mentioned? The inalienable enshrined right of the indigenous seems to be expendable. When will these guardians of nature – who call none ‘pendatang’ or lay claim to more than what they have – be accorded their due?

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Uncommon love for humanity

On 22 July, we had two young men in court again. The cuffs on R Kartiges and M Nathan when they were first brought to court last year for a charge of obstructing officers from carrying out an eviction is a reflection of where we are now.

When we sacrifice for another’s life we would have found our humanity in excess of the norm – the language of uncommon courage and an unspoken sacrifice of love.

Sleazy sex scandals

Turning now to the ‘trench warfare’ of sleazy sex scandals, we can see the bottom of the barrel being scraped to find leaders of calibre.

It cannot be that from a population of 32 million, we have only an elite few in contention to become prime minister.

We are fed this ludicrous claim that there is nobody else, other than them. This propaganda of exclusivity and entitlement should be eliminated.

How are these tainted politicians going to negotiate national or international concerns? How are they going to move the nation forward?

These are the best of the worst we are getting. They are displaying little capacity, capability, skill and civility. They are sniping and snapping away as if they think they have some kind of ownership of leadership.

To strategise and contest on a platform of sheer ability and earn the prize of worthy leadership seems well beyond their reach. They have disappointed many.

We have serious issues and concerns – and an insidious clown crouching and waiting to pounce.

Fishermen’s march

The fishermen and environmentalists who marched to Parliament are sure of their – and the country’s – needs. No scandals, contradictions or controversy there – just bread-and-butter issues. Simple people know what they want.

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In contrast, some of the intellectuals, politicians and academics appear to be clueless.The elite are feeding on the obscene caviar of opulence.

The ones who live by the sea evaluate how much fish they can catch for sustenance. This is the dissonance and distance between decency and decadence.

I hope and pray that there is a fresh candidate for prime minister.

Enough of the parade of dynastic successors, racists, religious bigots, losers, looters, porn stars and clowns.

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