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Warisan, are you pro-Opposition or pro-Umno?

The party has a future if it can be independent and work with Pakatan Harapan and Muda

Where does Warisan stand?

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Warisan’s announcement that it would be contesting all seats in Penang surprised many and shocked others. What is their intention, the confused asked. The bewildered wanted to know, “Why Penang?

Their consternation is understandable! Isn’t Warisan an opposition party? Why then target an opposition-controlled state government?

Isn’t it strange that Warisan should make Penang the frontline state for its assault on Peninsular Malaysia? This is strange because Warisan is an opposition party and Penang is an opposition-governed state.

It sounds like the siren songs of the past portending perdition for the vulnerable, especially in the light of the many twists and turns of Malaysian politics after the watershed results of the 2018 general election.

Why go for the opposition-controlled state instead of going after Barisan Nasional/Umno-controlled states? The opposition’s natural adversaries are outside Penang.

The common enemy should be Umno-BN. The aim should be to replace Umno-BN – not to dislodge another opposition-controlled state.

As a newcomer, Warisan is not expected to make waves in the peninsula. At best, its role will be seen as a spoiler. Warisan will further split the opposition vote. And who will theoretically gain from this? Of course, it will be Umno-BN!

Is this what Warisan hopes to achieve by contesting every seat in Penang? Warisan may harbour hopes of creating an upset and taking over Penang. There is nothing wrong in that! It has every right to contest in any state, but it must weigh its options very carefully. It must give some consideration for the consequence of its foray into Penang.

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By splitting the Opposition vote, it may create an opportunity for the Penang state government to be toppled. This would be a tragedy! If that happens, Warisan will be cursed, and it will be the end of its foray into Peninsular Malaysia. Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) tried once before but suffered a humiliating defeat that dashed its wild ambition of spreading its wings nationwide.

We would not want Warisan to suffer the same fate. That would be a pity.It stands for certain ideals and values that are attractive and have been complimented. Doesn’t the Penang state government subscribe to the very ideals and values championed by Warisan? That being the case, why take on the Penang state government?

Once, it was rumoured that Dr Mahathir Mohamad had a hand in wanting Warisan to take on opposition-controlled states. Is Mahathir’s plan falling into place? Warisan should not be seen as a party at Mahathir’s beck and call. It should stand on its own. It has a future if it can be independent and work with Pakatan Harapan and Muda. Any other option will turn Malaysians away from Warisan and this will prove disastrous for Warisan.

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Benedict Lopez
1 Feb 2022 1.19pm

It Warisan is sincere, it should focus on the rural constituencies instead of the urban ones.

31 Jan 2022 5.33pm

1 point repeated over and over

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
31 Jan 2022 9.09am

Shafie Apdal is only seeking power for himself. He is expecting UMNO / Barisan to be back in power in Penang, and then he will be bargaining for a place.

30 Jan 2022 9.11pm

It’s so obvious who is behind the whole agenda of splitting the opposition votes and by default BN can take over Penang .
I am sure Penang people are not stupid follow some rejects from DAP to support Warisan .
If Warisan is sincere about wanting to make Malaysia a truly multicultural and multiracial party for all Malaysians, they should contest against BN/PN/Pas .
The same guy who pulled PH down has not given up on his agenda of Killing PH completely. Let’s pray to the almighty for him.

Joe Fernandez
30 Jan 2022 7.18pm

Say NO to PTI.

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