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We are emotional and spiritual beings too

Drawing by Wong Soak Koon

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We have families, friends, loved ones and fellow Malaysians whose needs matter just as much, says Dominic Damian.

The exaggerated emphasis on politics is the clearest manifestation that human beings cannot control themselves and are truly empty.

People always want more than what they need. Their ravenous greed enslaves them. They bow before the slave masters of political structures. Seductive crumbs and scraps from the table of plenty are thrown at the masses. 

Those who band themselves into ideological groups offer their own brand of philosophy.

Freedom and democracy

We are sold the concept of freedom and democracy on an elusive, illusory golden platter.

Our lawmakers enact questionable laws that often do little to protect citizens from the excesses of their government. This is revealed when push comes to shove in the contestation of ideals.

The threat to the idea of freedom comes when the innocent are detained. The cold and ruthless ways of government are applied effectively and efficiently – even if they fail dismally in other areas.

When it comes to powerful bigwigs, they display astounding levels of incompetency. Glaring inequalities scream in one’s face. Famous personalities seem to be treated lightly.

But then, we witnessed the detention under harsh security laws of those suspected of involvement with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

We also have a volatile leadership struggle. The conspiracy by reviled and loathed characters to overthrow a government has been revealed. Few have applauded the manoeuvring of the political elite: people were too busy coping with a recession of sorts. If stupidity was a crime disqualifying an elected representative, the ranks of Parliament would be sparse.

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God and faith

It seems that allegiance to God and faith can be subverted and bought over with a luxury car.

The masses meanwhile accept their poverty as a blessing and remain in blind obedience, fatalistically viewing their situation as their fate.

Those who wear the trappings of holiness display false humility. Attired in flowing robes, they scream and holler that those of other faiths are infidels. All that is needed to earn their wrath is the slightest defiance. Fire and brimstone then rains down, driving some to subservience, complicit in criminality or compliant in slavery. Whoever compares their own faith with others’ is egoistic beyond measure.

This ludicrous situation is prevalent in all religions. There are varying degrees and layers of it in existence. It was a shocking wake-up call for me when I realised that slaves and slavery exist.

Manipulated, twisted fear is used to gloss over the deeds of despots, who through their exalted positions on faith, attain the status of lords and masters of all.

Scriptural verses meant to promote the larger good are manipulated and repackaged, rendering certain insidious individuals untouchable. There is no liberty given which is not later taken away, without our consent. We by commission or omission, accord power to others without critical thinking. When will this kind of mental slavery be wiped out?

Kleptocrats and kleptomaniacs

Among this group are passions of hatred, lust, evil intentions and hidden guilt. These will either work their way up into a pang of guilt, leading to a confession of choice to avoid prison or other gimmicks.

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Anyone is free to deny morality, but thievery and treason are shamelessly written on the faces of certain leaders without shame; it is in their minds, their shifty eyes and the fear they display when speaking.

The way these scheming operators from the previous administration were all landing up in hospital with all sorts of medical ailments is preposterous, even comical. The sudden increase in their piety level is awesome. It is amazing the way they rush for the hajj or restrain themselves from brandishing a keris or from screaming their heads off.

A couple may even abuse the court process and get away with it. Do not discount the quirks and twists of fate – they may be back!

It is perhaps a futile exercise tinkering or tampering with institutions or laws. The fault lies in greedy, dishonest, selfish individuals, whom no law or the best of institutions with idealistic intentions can inspire with goodness.

Deep down, we know that leaders, politicians, political parties and institutions with all their plans have no right to suppress the people. If there is a stalemate in the succession plan, our best bet may be another election. We may have a hung parliament – but at least, there will be no one casting a spell on us.

We must stop wasting our lives, living political lives. We are emotional and spiritual beings too with families, friends, loved ones and fellow Malaysians. Their needs – food, shelter, clothing, education and security – should matter as well.

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