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‘We will have to fearlessly tear down the walls of division’

Our diversity should be celebrated - DR WONG SOAK KOON/ALIRAN

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The politicians among us include motley groups of racists and religious bigots. It is a nightmare to think that a fresh round of thieves and embezzlement experts could share the spoils and divide the loot.

The voters were the unseen, hidden threat for some. At the right moment, they shattered the toxic challenge posed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Perhaps his arrogance will now know crawling humility. Those he called lazy have rejected him. Retribution and rebuke were at the polls. What an ignominious end!

Whackos, weirdos and sickos were voted out. One particular MP reaped what she sowed. When the karma of votes came, it was the equivalent of the song The First Cut is the Deepest. Many were more than willing to apply the salt of laughter and mockery to her wounds. But then, from an insulated gilded cage of privilege, she had a delusional belief she was untouchable.

We still have the ominous and devious dividers and the tyrannical who will have their way, celebrating in merriment and laughter. The looters, the liars, the losers, the winners and the plunderers might sit around the table of plenty. 

But we cannot have plundering blunderers run this nation.

Some will sit on the exalted thrones in Parliament, treating it like a shady five-foot walkway. They will have no qualms, hawking and trading our trust like cheap wares – bargaining, bartering, selling and buying each other out.

Not valuing our valued votes of value, they could turn Parliament into a shady walkway filled with political peddlers and pushers. The manipulators might cover and protect their own agendas and interests. Several of those characters in Parliament might have no qualms selling us to the devil: lock, stock and barrel.

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Even the supposedly intelligent can be enticed and entrapped by the devil of greed. The circle of mediocrity might still go on.

Who can ever forget that in the guise of pursuing electoral freedom and democracy, politicians from both sides of the divide walked down the aisle and exchanged vows.

With the pandemic, many ordinary people died penniless, some broken, some orphaned and others rejected. The Covid fiasco of dividing and discriminating is both unforgettable and unforgivable.

There are intriguing and intricate questions that need to be understood.

Undi 18

Undi 18 may provide the clearest evidence that many of our young have been indoctrinated and brainwashed. They may be engulfed in the deepest depths of division and polarisation. That is reality.

Social binding

“Kita Jaga Kita” – we’ve got each other’s back. The white flags campaign showcased the compassion, goodness and kindness of the people through their solidarity of collaboration and unconditional support for the needy.

Unfortunately, this has not forged a bond of fellowship among communities as expected. Despite facing many adversities, trials and tribulations, when the fork on the road of elections emerged, more than a few refused the road less travelled – the road of dignity and unity.

Sister and brotherhood are apparently not for politics. With contemptuous spite, some chose racism, religious bigotry and corruption.

Race and religion

We are asked to understand the realities of the insecurities that surround Malay ethnicity and Muslim faith.

Personally, I feel certain religious charlatans have intentionally contaminated many by stealth. Some of them might misinterpret, misinform and misrepresent the faith.

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Few have challenged such a false narrative successfully, either intellectually, spiritually or morally.

If this narrative is not challenged with the wisdom and knowledge of many pre-eminent scholars, the religion could be manipulated politically and weaponised as a tool of diversion, distraction and division by power-hungry megalomaniacs.

This general election showed us how faith could be successfully hijacked for votes.

If a faith or ethnicity is as powerful and strong as it is supposed to be, it will open itself selflessly and judiciously to checks and balances.

We must always ask this searching question: are we always perennially disadvantaged and hurt? What about the inequalities in all fields that our neighbours or fellow countrymen and women face?

The nation cannot exist or run on a system where virtuous, hardworking, conscientious people are disproportionately paying their dues to upkeep and maintain the country while others across the board are absolved of such responsibility.

Immorality and absence of conscience do not need our understanding or support; it needs our respectful challenge.

Several questions arise:

  • Will we cower in fear? Will we roll over and play dead? Will we say, do as you please?
  • Will we allow the injustice of racism and religious bigotry to plague this nation?
  • Will we think we should migrate to another country?
  • What is the measure of our worth? What is the priceless value we have that can breathe life into the heart and soul of this nation?

People keep forgetting that voting is not simply a once-in-five-years event. Every day, we vote with our conscience through small acts, challenging each other in respectful discourse to improve each other and hence the nation.

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The single vote we cast is the sum total and manifestation of the 1,826 days that we coexist to affect each other positively before each election. If we don’t do that, we will not reap the rewards.

The other reality is that we cannot tear down six decades of toxic political negativity in five, 10, 15 or 20 years. It will take much longer than that.

The indomitable and irrepressible human spirit tore down the invincible Berlin Wall opening the way for freedom and oneness. We will have to fearlessly and courageously tear down the walls of division here in Malaysia.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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Mohd Faizal Abdullah
Mohd Faizal Abdullah
27 Nov 2022 11.32am

Well written

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