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When fighter pilots shoot down a balloon…

Our Special Intelligence Unit …err, Satire Intended Unit has just decoded the pilots' communications for your benefit

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Two fighter jets approach a balloon floating in their country’s airspace.

The pilots communicate with each other in top-secret military code language.

But not to worry, our Special Intelligence Unit … err, Satire Intended Unit has just decoded their communications for your benefit.

Pilot 1 (P1) to Pilot 2 (P2): So, who is going to shoot it down? You or me?

P2 to P1: Umm, I don’t know how to shoot balloons. I normally just blow them up for my kiddo during birthday parties at home.

P1 to P2: Well, isn’t this also the same? To blow up the balloon?

P2 to P1: Yeah, well sort of, but I usually stick the balloon into my mouth and blow.

P1 to P2: Well, I guess that’s about correct. Except that this balloon is a bit high up. A bit higher than our planes can fly.

P2 to P1: Yeah, our ***damned top brass should have contacted Nasa to lend us a rocket to reach that balloon! Damned SNAFU as always, giving us sh*tty planes that can’t reach a balloon.

P1 to P2: Hey, wait a minute. Did you say rockets? I think we have got some small baby rockets under our wings. Maybe that’s what they are for. To give our planes a boost to get up there.

P2 to P1: Hell yeah, you’re right! And this red button must be the one to help lift off!!! (Presses red button!)

P1 to P2: What the hell…!? Your rocket just flew off without you…

P2-P1: Dammit, bl**dy rocket wasn’t locked on securely…


P2 to P1: Darn! There goes our balloon. My kiddo is going to be so upset not having that big balloon for his birthday…

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Lingsen Chan
Lingsen Chan
12 Feb 2023 4.00am

$500,000 missile to shoot down a weather balloon costing $300. Millions of Americans living in tents and poverty.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
10 Feb 2023 9.03pm

USA experts may have warned their fighter jets pilots that the balloon may be armed with rockets and ability to use them and thus directed the pilots that it may be safer to destroy the balloon with a preemptive strike. This directive may have been based on the assumption that China may have invented and developed a fighting balloon as a weapon.
SHOOT FIRST EXAMINE LATER and if proven wrong
and who can question USA Power

Bless all

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