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When politicians interfere to free gangsters in Malaysia

This must be stopped or we can kiss goodbye to our dream of becoming a truly progressive, peaceful nation

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Many have long suspected that the police force is badly compromised.

It is not just a case of “a few bad apples”, as we had been told time and again.

But ordinary people who care enough for their country were helpless.

Now, the cat is ‘officially’ out of the bag.

Politicians have colluded with the dark forces for a long time. This must be stopped or we can kiss goodbye to our dream of becoming a truly progressive, peaceful nation.

Not only did the outgoing inspector general of police have the courage and conviction to spill the beans in the open, without mincing or speaking in parables like in his previous press conference, we now have another former inspector general step out from the cold and affirm how politicians have been so corrupt and dangerous.

Only God-fearing men and women of honour can speak the truth for the love of the nation.  

Former police chief Musa Hassan, who helmed the force from 2006 to 2010, said that politicians meddled in police affairs during his time at the helm. “During my time, there were politicians who told the police to free their gangs, and there were also those who gave instructions to state police chiefs without my knowledge,” he said.  

Such political interference would have hurt police operations and disrupted their investigations.

Those concerned about the future of our nation cannot just sit back and watch the drama.  

The prime minister needs to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament to address this cancer that has taken root. Muhyiddin Yassin must also address the nation immediately.

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When politicians collude with gangsters and meddle with police operations and their powers to investigate criminals, it is tantamount to treason.

When cartoonists can be hauled up, locked up and face charges of disturbing the peace and security of the nation, how is it that politicians with links to the underworld are made out to be like saviours and saints?

We need everyone to stand up for our nation. Anything less would undermine our future.

When politicians interfere to free or protect gangsters and suspected criminals, concerned people must demand that the culprits should be exposed without fear or favour.

No small wonder that illicit drug cartels have succeeded in not only destroying a growing number of our young but also turning the country into a transit haven for traffickers.

And do we need nuclear science to explain why undocumented migrants by the millions continue to arrive and live here?

Either we defend our nation now or let the underworld and recalcitrant politicians continue to happily ruin this country.

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ambigapathi samarasan
ambigapathi samarasan
9 May 2021 3.07pm

majority of the public do not care as they know there is nothing they can do about it so it has got worse.where are the Pas religious guys and Umno nationalist to give their support to the IGP. There is no comment from the Home Minister nor from the Prime minister as everything that is wrong in this country

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