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When the corrupt dangled religion like a carrot…

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Is the nation prepared to relinquish the chain of ethnic suppression, the bondage of religious regression that was constructed by the politics of power and greed, wonders Dominic Damian.

What virtues are there in any race or religion when it injures, wounds and erodes our humanity?

Why is it not tempered with greater wisdom to lift our spirits towards the greater good by healing the broken or the wounded?

The religious core in itself is meaningful and espouses oneness in diversity; yet we have individuals who have hijacked and soiled it.

When race is embedded as a non-negotiable institution, it cannot live on in perpetuity with comfort – for it separates the children of this nation. Favouritism on the basis of race has promoted a sense of entitlement.

What’s more, propaganda served to divert and divide, making it possible for a thief and his cohorts to get away with disturbances and worse crimes. None of these thieves should be referred by their race, religion or nationality. They have betrayed all three by their despicable conduct.  
The encroachment of religion into things that are essentially personal has proven to be a dismal failure. The authorities’ snooping and nabbing of offenders for trivialities was most unhelpful. The insensitive body snatching and illegal conversions of the past have not helped serve the cause of unity and moderation either.

The promotion of a sense of religious superiority led to suspicion and misery among certain quarters. The religious party of the much loved and respected late Tok Guru lost its way in its approach to the 1MDB scandal. And to think I had voted for this party before!

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When adherents of a religion lose their compassion and use their religion as a vehicle for judgements, condemnation and compartmentalisation, they gain few new friends. The same religion may be practised meaningfully in other countries; yet here confusion and conflict is created.

The most corrupt were dangling religion like a carrot while going for every kind of pilgrimage to put on a coat of respect and holiness – but all the while their main focus was on looting, lying and theft.
Is the nation prepared to relinquish the chain of ethnic suppression, the bondage of religious regression that was constructed by the politics of power and greed?

Would we have the real spiritual courage to accept differences and embrace diversity to realise our dream of unity?

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