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Where has most of the government gone?

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Angeline Loh wonders where why our top leaders were out of the country at a time when the nation was facing a threat to its political stability in the wake of attacks on places of worship.

Our federal authorities seem to have decided to go on an apparent “cuti sambil belajar” trip to Saudi Arabia before the dust of the recent crisis in the country has settled. Completely unaware of this ‘planned’ overseas trip, many Malaysians were caught by surprise when it was suddenly trumpeted by the mainstream media: PM Najib, Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin Hussein and several Cabinet Ministers had gone on a trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (NTV7 News 16 Jan.2010).

Why did the PM and the Home Affairs Minister, in particular, suddenly take off when the political stability of the country seemed almost to lose its equilibrium with the unforeseen outbreak of arson attempts on churches and a Sikh temple? When will they return?

We do not know if the DPM was in the country when the PM and his retinue of Cabinet Ministers left us in the lurch, as the DPM was reportedly in London, UK, when the crisis started. Perhaps, the DPM has returned after all, to take over where the PM had left off at short notice. Will the BN government that largely neglected us up till now decide to desert us in times of crisis and eventually abandon the whole country to the winds of fate whichever way they may blow? Whether this is good or bad for the ‘rakyat’ must be left to speculation.

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At least, the stalwart opposition Pakatan Rakyat were around to keep things in check, even though Nik Aziz missed his chance to go on the Haj when the RM65K donated for this purpose was snatched away by allegations that such donations were ‘corrupt monetary gains’.

PM Najib in his wisdom seems to deem this the right time to make a visit to Saudi Arabia before the crisis in this country has been peacefully and completely resolved. Malaysians of all religions should pray that the PM and Cabinet Ministers’ visit overseas will be blessed with greater enlightenment and understanding of the need for more transparency, democracy, good governance, equality and justice, to maintain peace and harmony in this country cherished by all Malaysians of diverse cultures and religious beliefs.

When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn…?

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