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Why do we fall for cheap sales, handouts?

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We rush to queue for hours just to grab home free kangkung and a potpourri of groceries without even pausing to think deeper, laments JD Lovrenciear.

Cheap sales. Stunt sales. Handouts. Rushed new laws. All in the name of bringing relief to the people and protecting the people.

As we witness all kinds of unprecedented and hard-to-believe acts of apparent charity – the dishing out of rice bags, chicken and what-have you – di sana sini, people who endorse such acts fail to see a deeply buried reality.

Likewise, much as some may have opposed the now world infamous first-of-its-kind Anti-Fake News Act, we fail to acknowledge the flip side of the coin of truth.

You cannot blame Najib or the BN political leaders for all these.

We have to blame Malaysians squarely. We rush to fill trolleys when a sudden windfall rains in a supermarket for a little over two hours. We rush to queue for hours just to grab home free kangkung and a potpourri of groceries without even pausing to think deeper.

We speak in guarded, politically correct terms merely to protect our more important bread-and-butter needs in the face of actions that threaten to breach fundamental principles on which humanity’s progress and freedom are anchored upon.

Malaysians are weak. We have not matured philosophically. The seeming values we parade, while calling for conformity to rubrics, are superficial. Our cornerstone of existence, the universal principles of civilisation, mean nothing to us.

As long as we get what we want for ourselves now, it is a done deal. Who cares. Or like during the present season, the shameless argument is, “Never mind lah, take all you can; after all, it is only ours.”

Such a mindset and attitude, thank God, was not there when we obtained independence and later fought many battles against communists and insurgents and terrorists. If our ancestors were like what we have reduced ourselves to now, in all likelihood Malaysia would never have been born.

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