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Why non-Malay support for Pakatan Harapan is slipping

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Angry Malaysian comes up with some possible reasons to explain the erosion in support for the ruling coalition, one year after it came to power.

I refer to an online commentary where the author states that non-Malay support on the ground has been slipping for Pakatan Harapan.

Many non-Malays (I have no hard evidence, just anecdotal evidence) are practical: they know that economic and educational opportunities are not going to suddenly open up for them after Pakatan Harapan was voted in last year.

Perhaps the real reason for the slipping support is that more specific grouses have not been addressed satisfactorily, especially on issues the opposition parties were vocal about before.

Here are a few issues the then opposition parties were vocal about but which now seem to have been conveniently forgotten or put on the back burner.

  • The acceptance of the Unified Examination Certificate as another listed examination for public higher education admissions seems to have been shelved.
  • Preacher Zakir Naik is happily running around with Malaysian permanent residence when there are still some people born in Malaysia who do not even have an identity card. His brand of allegedly running down other religions is indirectly condoned by cabinet members when they meet up with him. He has not done anything wrong in Malaysia; so we won’t deport him – that line does not work for the rest of us. At the very least, some believe he has contributed to creating uneasiness between people of different religions.
  • The disappearances of Pastor Raymond Koh and others have not been seriously addressed. The state seems either slow or reluctant to act; just having a Suhakam inquiry is not sufficient.
  • Indira Gandhi’s kidnapped daughter has not yet been found; we may have some idea where Jho Low could be – but we don’t know where this young girl’s kidnapper is hiding?
  • Certain temples may still be at risk of being demolished without due care for religious sensitivities. I am not supporting temples being built illegally but there must be more tact and care in handling this. Granted, incidents of this nature happening lately are almost non-existent. But the recent incident in the Seafield temple drama was disturbing. Certain quarters were quick to blame a particular group for the death of a firefighter although the ongoing inquest into his death threw up various other possibilities.
  • Pockets of urban settlers face eviction without any care for human suffering. Such cases are not confined to any particular ethnic group. The government-owned land on which they live may have been disposed off easily under the previous Barisan Nasional government.
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Non-Malays may not be abandoning Pakatan Harapan in droves – but if the cabinet is perceived by some as not listening in some of the cases mentioned above, by-elections have been the best way for these quarters to show their displeasure.

Either that, or I took too much cough mixture this morning, and I am writing gibberish here.

Angry Malaysian is the pseudonym of an Aliran reader who is always angry because the bright future of Malaysia has been eroded by incompetence, nepotism, apathy, laziness, racism, double standards and arrogance.

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.

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12 May 2019 4.56am

Certain issues and policies that were round BN could not be easily settled in a year now after PH came to power. However there are many issues in the ground that are affecting ordinary people which could be settled easily. Look at some housing estates. The basic amenities in common residential areas are lacking. The gated and guarded houses look pleasant. The common ones are neglected. Look at the flats.Playgrounds.Roads. Drainage system. This are basic facilities that can be improved easily. Even schools facilities need attention.This is what PH should look into too. These are things that affects people’s daily life.

Susan Khoo
10 May 2019 3.59pm

How about the education minister and the disastrous way he handled the matriculasi fiasco

9 May 2019 7.51pm

People ! Was Rome built in a day? If not PH ,is BN as a de facto defunct coalition even considered ? Forget that they made Malaysia famous as a kleptocratic government forgive and give them another bite of the piisang mas ! Or maybe we could opt for newly minted Umno-Pas Buddy Buddy coalition? Wow I have so many options and I was not even aware !

Laihun Ong
9 May 2019 2.08am

Just to give them a shock to wake them up. Next GE they will still vote for PH.

8 May 2019 11.52pm

haha..bos..could BN solve all the peoblem

Elmo Stein
8 May 2019 10.43pm

Because PH = BN 2.0

Ming Lye Chan
8 May 2019 10.06pm

Aliyah. Give them a chance lah. So easy to make changes meh!?Granted there were some bad decisions but there are good ones too. Strengthen the positive ones and build on it.
If not PH what’s the alternative? Do Malaysians have a choice? ” “Lesser of the two evils” for now I’d say.

Eddie Wong
8 May 2019 7.25pm

WHO SAID SO ???They took over the govt at very bad timing , bank empty got robbed by previous suckers. Tell me how to fill up the piggy bank?

CSiong Tan
8 May 2019 7.29pm

If we dont support PH to give them time to sort out
the ills brought about by BN then support UMNO & PAS union to use race and religion to divide and cause uneasiness to our once peaceful and harmonious lives and perpetuate the regime of kleptocracy.

John Foo Sxhong
8 May 2019 7.31pm

Yes agree lot those support n vote ph are not happy they say 2×5 / 5×2

Kamal Badri
8 May 2019 6.53pm

Non Malays votes are irrelevant for changing this government… ha ha…

Mohamad Zaimy Harun
8 May 2019 6.32pm

Lets be practical lah … PH would hv more serious prob if significant malay support is lost, in order to sustain govt. Nons should be realistic in what they demand, unless if u r happy with the BN alternative. No?

Govind M. S. Munu
8 May 2019 6.47pm

PH failed to realize even simple manifestos as many U turns lately. Bowing down to racial and religious pressure will cause PH loose their reputation. Recent intake of students for Matriculation schools is fine example. Students with merit failed to get rightful entry and Meritocracy find it hard in govt of the day policy.
Current education policy pave way for more future brain drain and affect the future of Malaysia s intellectual societal standard.

Diong Tai Hoe
8 May 2019 6.14pm

Can feel the ground is moving. Why? Last time with strong opposition bn government could still extend their hand. Since ph and ph ft minister took over, it seems no improvement but with worsen situation for ft folk. The minister does not seem to take carw of the rakyat instead business more friendly than Tenku Aknan. If continue to worsen then more ft voters will drift away and also will influence other places to follow so. So be very careful not to be so control by subordinate and ignorance and arrogant that kl mp will lose big. This is my observation, first hand experience and two cents input.

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