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Why were you so full of avarice, Najib and Rosmah?

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What made them wallow in a sea of hard currency, accessories, jewellery, and other trappings of wealth, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

Dear ex-prime minister of Malaysia and ex ‘first lady’ of Malaysia, 

Why were you so full of greed?

Was the exalted position of being the numero uno of a nation of 30m people, and all the perks that come with it along with the limelight, not enough for you?

What made you both want to wallow in a sea of hard currency, accessories, jewellery, and other trappings of wealth? The raid after raid meticulously executed has exposed unbelievable hoardings. What would lead a man and a woman to hide so much, which you claim were gifts, in various locations and homes?

It is unthinkable that the very man we trusted to bring joy to the citizens of this beloved nation could do such things with impunity.

Do not hide behind the universal edict that all men or women are innocent until proven otherwise. The seizure of carts and carts of hard currency in personal dwellings; the revelations of billions of ringgit moved around the world, yet hidden from public scrutiny – all this makes us feel so sick with betrayal.

Let this be a constant reminder, permanently chiselled in our nation’s history: greed has zero place for all of us and especially for those in seats of power entrusted to care for citizens.

Those who played along for their own benefit, by either lying for you or having a share in this unprecedented global theft, are also guilty of having betrayed the trust that ordinary citizens placed in them.

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God knows what our nation’s fate would have been, had citizens not fought against all odds and defeated your political party and coalition partners.

Let this be a lesson too in every home that greed and avarice never pays. You only end up paying for these despicable acts before you leave this planet.

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